55-year-old man who worked as school janitor gets promotion to become the school principal, celebrates achievement

An exceptional man named Mike Huss rose through the ranks from being the janitor of an elementary school in California, United States to becoming the Principal of the school at the age of 55.

Mike Huss served as the school janitor of Ione Elementary School, a school he attended as a child. He decided to become the school janitor because he did not intend to further his education at the time.

“I’d fallen in love, I wanted to get a job and help my wife go through college. So I just said ‘oh, they’ve got a school’s janitor job, I’ll take it,’ and it worked out. I didn’t know I was going to stay there for all these years.” Huss said of the job, which he held for over a decade.

After being encouraged to become a teacher his seventh-grade teacher, he enrolled for an education degree at the Sacramento State Education Department of California State University. “I remember Mrs Collier telling me, ‘You will be such a great teacher someday,’ and I laughed at her, not going to happen, but here I am,” he said.

“A lot of teachers here at Ione Elementary kept saying, ‘You’re wasting your time. Look at these kids. They are attracted to you … and they want to be around you and they learn from you. You need to go back and became a teacher,’” Huss recalled.

His decision to become a teacher also gained momentum after he resolved to be an inspiration to his 3-year-old son. “When my son was about 3, I said, ‘You know what? I want to show my son that you can keep growing in life,” Huss said.

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