Although Elizabeth Taylor’s grandchild resembles her remarkably, there are other similarities as well…

In many respects, he is following in her footsteps.

The proverb “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” applies here.
A baby will occasionally be born into a family, or at least once every generation, where they will resemble someone in a flawless dead ringer fashion.

Mamie Gummer from Emily Owens MD resembles Meryl Streep in her early years almost perfectly.

Shiloh clearly inherited her mother Angelina Jolie’s features. Additionally, Miles Legend resembles a young John Legend.

Quinn Tivey is another person who fortunately acquired their progenitor’s traits.
Do you know about the TikTok filter that allows you to see your interpretation of the opposite sex?

Let’s just say Tivey is his grandfather’s grandma, Dame Elizabeth Taylor, in male form.

One cannot dispute that Tivey is a Taylor ancestor due to her strong, nicely arched eyebrows, flawless jawline, and stunning almond eyes.

They do not, however, merely have similarities in appearance.
Tivey, for one, has a strong passion for movies. But they wound themselves on opposing sides of it.

Taylor was able to land roles in his first movies, such as There’s One Born Every Minute, because to his father’s connections in Hollywood.

Tivey’s expertise in cinema and television production was reinforced by a master’s degree in the visual arts.

Tivey said that viewing movies with his grandma is one of his favorite memories with her, even though it may seem strange to see your grandmother on screen.

But something bigger than both of them was one of the things that most bound them together.
One of Taylor’s greatest accomplishments isn’t even related to the movie industry.

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She was one of the most outspoken and prominent supporters of understanding AIDS patients.

She took satisfaction in calling herself as a “excellent con artist” in an interview.
AmFAR, a charity dedicated to AIDS research, raised $20.6 million in 1992 alone.
And who is the fundraiser’s face? only Taylor herself, of course.

Everything began in 1985 when seven gay men begged her to go on as the chairman of a fundraiser.

She used her power to bring AIDS awareness to the ballroom where wealthy people congregate.

The passing of her personal secretary was one of her greatest losses.

HIV-positive Roger Wall made the decision to take his own life by taking too many sleeping drugs.

Taylor was deeply affected by the realization that her close friend would choose suicide over the struggle and the shame.

The advocacy will continue even after she is gone. And she handed the reins over to none other than Tivey, who could be seen as Taylor’s successor.

In 2016, Tivey was appointed as a co-trustee of the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.
Tivey offered new insights but was still engaged in the same conflict that her grandmother faced 30 years prior.

He stated, “I’m thrilled to see ETAF continue her work — educating lawmakers, increasing public awareness, busting falsehoods, and reducing fear and stigma.

“I’m sure granny would be pleased with this effort as well.”

Watch the video below to learn more about their similarities!

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