An old photo of Mark Wahlberg shows that he and his daughter Grace, who is 12 years old, have a very similar appearance…

It seems that Mark Wahlberg is the proud parent of a miniature version of himself.

In a post on Instagram on Monday, the Uncharted actor likened the appearance of his daughter Grace, who is 12 years old and is standing with her horse in a recent shot, to a flashback photo of himself in which he had his hair grown out in a way that was similar to Grace’s.

He accompanied the photo, which shows a striking likeness between the two of them, with the question, “They say we look alike?”

In addition to their daughter Grace, Mark Wahlberg and his wife Rhea Durham have three children together: boys Brendan (14), Michael (16), and Ella (19).

The previous month, Wahlberg used the opportunity to commemorate his daughter Grace’s most recent equestrian achievements by taking a photo with her two most recent ribbons.

He captioned the competition images with the phrase “Proud of my sweet daughter.,” which featured a photo with a sepia tone of Wahlberg chatting to Grace as she was on her horse. Grace was competing in the event.

During an appearance on The Tonight Show in July, the Pain and Gain actor, who is now 51 years old, joked about looking forward to an empty home. When presenter Jimmy Fallon pointed out that Wahlberg’s youngest daughter, Grace Margaret, is just 12 years old, Wahlberg laughed it off.

Grace, he added, “is already touring the globe, jumping horses, and doing her thing.” He then showed a picture of him and his wife with Grace at an equestrian event where she earned a plaque. “She’s already doing her thing,” he said of Grace. “She’s already traveling the world.” The actor made light of the situation by joking, “Of course, she selected the most costly sport conceivable.”

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In response to Fallon’s inquiry as to whether or not Wahlberg had attempted to dissuade her from going through with the plan, Wahlberg said, “No, she loves it.”

He proceeded, beaming with satisfaction, by saying, “And she takes so much delight in the small details.” “She’s up before me every morning, scooping dung at the barn as she does there every day.”

After that, Wahlberg taunted his daughter by posting another picture of Grace participating in a jumping competition. “Notice how she’s staring directly at the camera here. She is not gazing in the direction in which she is meant to leap.”

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