Andy Cohen, his son Ben, and his daughter Lucy spend the first night of Hanukkah together…

Andy Cohen is having a very memorable first night of the Hanukkah holiday.

On Sunday, the presenter of Radio Andy posted a picture from his first Hanukkah as a parent of two children, his daughter Lucy Eve, who is seven months old, and his son Benjamin Allen, who is three and a half years old.

” Happy Hanukkah from my family to yours,” he captioned the shot, which shows him carrying Lucy in front of a table that has a menorah on it with two candles lit, while Ben stands next to him with gold coins in front of him. Ben is also holding a dreidel.

After some time had passed, the parent and child duo discussed the many hues of the Empire State Building, which can be seen from their house in New York City.

“Take the Empire State Building, for example. Can you make out the many hues that it has?” Cohen asks Ben.

Ben’s response is really endearing: “Yeah, it’s so wonderful.”

“Do you know why it’s blue and white?” “It’s because…” Cohen inquires.

When Ben doesn’t react, Cohen says, “It’s for Hanukkah. Happy Hanukkah!”

The Bravo celebrity also posted a photograph she took with her daughter Lucy over the weekend. In the photo, Lucy is seen grinning while wearing a patterned onesie and an Abby Cadabby bib. Her large blue eyes are focused directly on the camera.

Since the birth of his children, Cohen has experienced a “complete change in focus,” as he said how he is adjusting to his new role as a father of two children.

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“I’m choosing to stay home with them so much more than I ever would have,” he revealed to me. “It’s so much more fulfilling.” “I was never someone who ever remained at home, so the things that were previously important to me have simply completely shifted.”

The TV star just had his second kid, and he said that one of the most difficult tasks he has now is managing his time effectively.

He explained, “Just when I think I’ve had a lot of really quality time with Ben, I have to go to Lucy and sit with her and I just want to look in her face and I want her to see me and hear my voice and know that I’m here.”It’s simply a matter of managing my time well with the two of them,” I said.

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