Dr. Phil is a devoted and caring father to his two sons, whom he describes as being “remarkable”…

Dr. Phil McGraw had a troubled childhood as a result of his alcoholic father and their shared living situation. During an interview for “The Coach Mike Podcast” in February 2020, he discussed his upbringing in an abusive home in an open and honest manner, and he disclosed the following:

We did a lot of moving around. Due to the fact that my father was an alcoholic, we uprooted our lives every two to three years.

Dr. Phil said that in order to evade his father, he entered the house through his bedroom window so that he wouldn’t have to travel through the main part of the house:

“There was total anarchy. Shouting, wailing, physical altercations, and even certain instances of family violence.”

Despite growing up in a hazardous atmosphere, he was able to maintain his love for his father, Dr. Joe McGraw, a psychologist who passed away in the 1990s due to an incurable and inoperable cardiac condition. Despite this, he was able to maintain his affection for his father.

The best-selling novelist remarked in June 2009 that he always has conflicting feelings on Father’s Day because it is a day that encourages introspection due to the nature of the holiday:

“It is a jarring and unpleasant reminder that my father has passed away. If you’ve been following my professional endeavors, then you presumably already know that I frequently quote my father, who was better than anyone else at imparting common sense advice.

The man, who is now 72 years old, stated that he would have been thrilled for his father to have been able to watch his accomplishments, including the books and television shows that he has authored.

“I feel as though I’ve been cheated because I wasn’t given the chance to discuss that with him. “He would have been a proud pop, to say the least,” Dr. Phil stated about the patient who had passed away.

The well-known television personality disclosed to the audience that his father was also a doting grandfather to his two boys, Jordan McGraw and Jay McGraw, by stating:

“The fact that I was unable to spend the previous two decades of my family’s life with my father is the aspect of his passing that makes me feel the deepest sense of loss. He loved Jay and Jordan in a way that only a grandfather can love, and they love their Poppy very much.”

He went on to say that Dr. Joe took immense pleasure in watching his grandsons grow up and that he will always hold a very special place in their hearts. According to him, he would have relished watching them develop into adults, but given the circumstances, this was not meant to be.

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Dr. Phil has developed into a wonderful parent for his children, whom he shares with Robin McGraw, who is 68 years old. After getting hitched in 1976, the pair have been happily married for more than four decades now.

In September of 1979, the couple became parents for the first time, and their first child, the Jay, went on to have a great career similar to that of his renowned father. Jay is both a writer and a producer for television shows.

According to IMDb, the 43-year-old served as an executive producer on multiple primetime specials that were produced by his father. He also produced for the shows “Face of Truth” and “Bull.”

According to his biography on the website of Dr. Phil, he has written a total of six books up to this point, two of which are titled “Life Strategies for Teens” and “Closing the Gap.”

Since 2006, Jay has been married to his wife Erica Dahm, and the couple has been blessed with two children: Avery Elizabeth McGraw and London Philip McGraw.

Jordan is the younger son of Robin and Dr. Phil. He was born in October 1986, and just like his older brother, he has achieved a lot in his own right, despite the fact that he selected a different career route.

He pursued a career in music as opposed to entering the field of television production. Following the release of his debut single, “Flexible,” which came out in 2019, Jordan followed it up with an EP of three songs titled simply Jordan later that year.

The 36-year-old artist made his musical debut with a single titled “Her,” which was followed by his most recent release, “She,” in the month of July 2021. Throughout his career as a musician, he has shared the stage with well-known acts such as the Jonas Brothers.

In addition to being a devoted family man, Jordan is currently married to author Morgan Stewart. The wedding took place in December 2020, and just three months later, the couple became parents for the first time to a little girl they named Row.

The TV psychologist said that he is in awe of his boys’ accomplishments as grown men with their own families and that he is glad of how they turned out:

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“I am the father of some of the most outstanding young men I have ever known; thus, Father’s Day is always a time when I can take a step back, take a deep breath, and say, ‘Wow.’”

Dr. Phil admitted on his show that he is still associated with Jay and Jordan and that he has personal contact with them. Even though they are away from their families and living on their own, they nevertheless keep in regular contact with one another:

“Not only are they powerful and self-reliant, but they each have a well-developed moral compass that makes them excellent citizens in a world when good citizenship seems to be harder and harder to embrace. This is what makes me the proudest.””

The native of Oklahoma is also a devoted grandfather who adores spending time with his three grandchildren. The month of March 2020 found him gushing over one of his grandchildren, Avery, and he used Instagram to mark the occasion of her tenth birthday.

Dr. Phil shared some photos from his daughter’s birthday party on his website in the form of a slide presentation. One of the pictures was a family photograph that included all of the family members, including the birthday girl, her brother London, and Dr. Phil and his wife Robin.

When it was time to celebrate Grandparents Day in September of that year, the host of the television show went on his Instagram profile and gushed about his two granddaughters, London and Avery. He shared a collage on social media with pictures of the siblings, all of whom were posed in the same way: Avery had her arm over her brother.

We wish you a happy Grandparents Day! This piece was first published by robin McGraw and titled “How Adorable Are These Two?! They have been striking this pose for a very long time! the text of the post.

On social media in February of 2021, Jordan announced the arrival of an exciting new member of the family: the birth of his first child. This was Jordan’s first child. He uploaded a photo of himself cradling his newborn daughter and gushing over her: “He accompanied the post with the following: “Row Renggli McGraw, 2/16/21.”

When his grandfather found out that he and Stewart were going to have their first child together a year prior, the news caused him to celebrate. A post on one of the couple’s social media accounts from Dr. Phil offered his congratulations.

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“You and Morgan both have our utmost admiration and pride. Another grandchild, such a joy! Alongside a selfie of himself, Robin, Jordan, and his pregnant wife posing with pink balloons, he captioned the image with the hashtag “#granddaughter.”

Because he is a wuss when it comes to dealing with his grandchildren, Dr. Phil is known for doting on them. He had mentioned in a previous interview with Closer Weekly that his granddaughter, who is now 12 years old, and his grandson, who is 11 years old, enjoy spending time in the kitchen.

Additionally, Robin divulged that her husband is smitten with the children and that they referred to him as “Papa” or “Popps.” She went on to say that “he can be incredibly lovely and compassionate, as well as hilarious.” Even the harsh Dr. Phil has a soft spot for his patients. He also spoils them rotten with popsicles despite the fact that their parents are trying to get them to eat healthier.

Jay, who stars in “Renovate My Family,” has admitted in the past that his doting father is largely responsible for his being the person he is now. “He places a very high standard for himself,” he remarked.

Not only is Dr. Phil an excellent parent, but he also provides valuable guidance to other parents on his talk show. Before Jordan and Stewart went out on their first date after the baby, Jordan’s first call had been to him.

Jordan and his wife have a ten-month-old daughter named Row, and he added that they were both apprehensive about being separated from their daughter. His father had instructed him to: “You should make the most of each and every moment. You need to make sure that you continue to enjoy each other’s company.”

Dr. Phil drove home his point by stating to Today’s Parents that it doesn’t matter how much a parent loves their children; they still need to get away from time to time and let their batteries recharge. He stated that it was beneficial not just for the parents, but also for the child because the youngster would learn and the parents would not suffer from separation anxiety.

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