During her first time hosting Saturday Night Live, Keke Palmer made the shocking announcement that she is expecting her first child with her boyfriend…

The announcement that the actress, who is 29 years old and expecting her first child with boyfriend Darius Jackson, is pregnant was made while she was hosting Saturday Night Live for the first time this past weekend.

“There are some rumors circulating, and people have been in my comments saying, ‘Keke is having a kid, Keke is pregnant,’ and I want to set the record right by saying that I am,” Keke said. On the Studio 8H stage, Palmer exclaimed while pulling open a long gray jacket to expose a burgeoning baby bump.

“It is unfortunate when people on the internet propagate falsehoods about you and your group, but it is even more upsetting when those allegations turn out to be true. I have to say that. I mean, like, I had a lot of stuff going on, so I was trying really hard to keep it a secret from everyone, you know what I mean?” She went on to say more. “… But to tell you the truth, this has been the greatest blessing, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Guys, I’m going to have a baby and raise a child.”

Palmer added: “Even though there are some people who think it’s a little strange that I’m going to have a child because I was a child actor, I just want to say, look, I’m 29, I’m grown up, I have sex, I own a home, and I stormed the Capitol on January 6, you know? I just want to clear that up for everyone. Things that grownups do.”

Palmer has, for the most part, been very secretive about the specifics of her relationship with Jackson. She revealed that she and Jackson had become “Instagram official” in November of 2017 when she was a guest on The Tamron Hall Show; however, the photos that she had posted on her page with her boyfriend have since been removed.

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When asked about her decision to post photos with Jackson at the time, she stated that “it became more difficult to hide.” Because we spend so much time together, and because he is truly my best friend, it has simply evolved into a situation in which I am not going to conceal something that brings me joy.

Palmer continued by saying, “It’s not going to be everything you see, my job is my job, but at the end of the day this is somebody who is important to me, so why not?”

Palmer, when referring to Jackson, made the observation that he is “quite industry-adjacent.”

“I’ve always been somebody that hasn’t wanted too much business stuff in my life, he’s very industry-adjacent, meaning that he understands it but it’s not what he’s about,” she added.

During the same month, the star of Nope posted a video on TikTok with Jackson in which she appeared to conceal a kiss between herself and her lover by holding a fan in front of them. Along with the clip, she included the caption “Lady miss takes what she WANTS.”

Palmer gave an interview with Harper’s Bazaar in March 2020, in which she discussed the reasons why she prefers to keep her personal life private.

She told the publication, “I don’t really do relationship stuff online, partly because I don’t know how I would do it without sounding, like, cheesy or anything.” “I don’t really do relationship stuff online.” “Yes, I am authentic in every way possible; nevertheless, there are some things that I keep hidden from my loved ones and close friends.”

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