Elon Musk calls Twitter engineers back to office to help him with software. The reason is shocking..

Nov. 18 (UPI) — Elon Musk, the new owner of Twitter, initially communicated to Twitter staff that the company’s offices would be closed until Monday.

However, he later changed his position and requested that everyone with prior experience in software come into the office…

Musk made the request in a series of emails that were sent out to a large number of people on Friday morning. He said that “everyone who actually creates software” should report to the headquarters of Twitter by Friday afternoon.

In addition to that, he requested that they provide a report detailing the most impressive piece of code that they had developed in the preceding half year.

Musk stated that the purpose of his meeting with him at the office and sharing all of this code with him would be to conduct “brief, technical interviews” that would assist him in “better understanding the Twitter tech stack.”

The letters were sent after hundreds of Twitter employees resigned en masse on Thursday in response to an ultimatum that CEO and founder of Twitter, Elon Musk, issued earlier in the week.

Employees were presented with the option to continue working for the new, more stringent version of Twitter or to quit from their positions.

The decision to leave the company was made by more than half of the workers who were still employed there,..

It is possible that it will take the company a significant amount of time to determine whose access to email, Slack, and other systems should be disabled because so many people from Twitter’s human resources and IT teams have resigned or been laid off in recent days, according to a person who has since left the company and who spoke with CNBC.

According to the publication Insider, many divisions of the corporation no longer have any staff.

The information security workers at Twitter who were responsible for preserving corporate and user data have also left in large numbers as a result of the exodus, which has effectively shut down Twitter’s communications department as well,..

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