Father and daughter have the most adorable and creative carpool together, that even mom gets jealous…

Musical.ly star Cole LaBrant first rose to prominence on the Vine app. Before Twitter decided to take it down in January 2017, he had accumulated more than 6 million followers.

He had lately wed Savannah Soutas and had developed a warm bond with Everleigh, his stepdaughter. The family posts footage of both spectacular and everyday events to their YouTube channel. In one of their most recent videos, Cole and Everleigh can be seen singing and dancing in the car to a variety of songs. It’s really cute to see!

Everleigh, 4, asks her father if he wants to listen to the radio before the incident occurs, and he replies, “Sure.”

The real fun then begins! The two can be seen here rocking to Taylor Swift.

They sang several traditional country songs while wearing cowboy hats.

For this Mexican song, they grabbed some maracas and sombreros.

And to finish it off, some wild hair and headbanging!

You may see it for yourself here:

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