Girl in socks steals spotlight with her slick footwork during ‘electro-swing’ routine

Girl in socks steals spotlight with her slick footwork during ‘electro-swing’ routine

Grace Thomas is a YouTube performer with over 9000 followers and over 2 million video views. She sings, plays the guitar, and dances, and has been posting videos for about 4 years – there are currently a total of 31.

Thomas is one of a new generation of talented young people who now have a platform to share their creative endeavors thanks to social media.

The YouTube Generation

Say what you want about performing on the Internet, but it wasn’t that long ago that artists of all sorts had to be some of the luckiest people on Earth just to get discovered.

Platforms like YouTube have gone a long way towards democratizing the process. (Of course, that doesn’t mean everyone is uploading worthwhile content!)

Electro swing

In a video from December 2019 – one that already has over a quarter of a million views! – Thomas performs an “electro-swing” dance.

It’s not a style we’ve seen before though it apparently originated in the 1990s and incorporates dance moves from decades well before that, along with some improvisation.

Electro swing is also a style of music that takes inspiration from precisely the genres one might expect – jazz, swing, hip hop, and house music.

Since Thomas is young and even looks relatively shy for having put herself out there for millions to see, she’s immediately charming when she steps into the frame. She performs in a large room with a full wall of mirrors – probably a dance studio of some sort.

The song is “Lost in the Rhythm,” by Jamie Berry (feat. Octavia Rose) and it sounds straight out of the dance halls of the 1920 and 30s (but with a thumping bass in the background).

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(Hey, maybe kids these days really are developing an appreciation for the past – they’re just putting their own twist on it!)

A fun and footloose number

It’s really a shame that more people don’t dance for fitness – it’s such a fun way to let loose. Thomas’ number is so infectious that we wouldn’t be surprised if many of her viewers have tried to emulate her at some point. After all, all you need is a floor and some socks to glide across it!

Thomas’ moves are based on the same old-school style as the music – and her first task is to bust out The Charleston! She just happens to add some more modern arm and hand movements to it.

She’s a spunky and graceful dancer who looks like she’s having a blast as she blends in some moves inspired by the ragtime and the shimmy.

She also incorporates what looks like modern steps as well, such as the running man (though we wouldn’t be surprised if they were something much more “vintage”) – proof that she’s been studying a variety of styles.

Frankly, we’re pretty jealous of the space she has at her disposal to let loose on a dance floor all her own.

Reactions were glowing

It’s hard to tell what the comments will look like on any video – though turning them off isn’t the way to build an audience.

Luckily, the overwhelming majority of viewers appreciated Thomas’ skill and effort and plenty were thrilled to be introduced to “electro-swing”:

“First time I’ve seen (or heard of ) electro swing dancing. My mind is blown, my world is a happier place,” said one viewer.

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A few joked about their own efforts to give it a whirl:

“while the video was running i took off my shoes and tried to make the movements, there was a sound in my knee we are now driving the emergency room but i will try it afterwards, collin 53”

Well, we hope Collin is ok, but you really SHOULD try this at home if you want a fun way to stay fit and put a smile on your face (even if it’s just from laughing at yourself).

Be sure to scroll down to see Grace Thomas in action.

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