Information about Carlton and Jackie Harris, Ciara’s parents, who were wed for 33 years before divorcing…

When Cara Harris was yearning for true love, her parents, Carlton and Jackie Harris, were the most important people in her life to look up to as role models. And there was a time when it seemed as if they would remain married until the day when they did not.

Because they were always moving, Ciara and her family never had a permanent place to call home when she was growing up. The nomadic lifestyle was necessary due to the requirements of Carlton’s employment in the United States Army, which caused the family to relocate to various army facilities. Nevada, Utah, California, New York, Arizona, and Germany are just some of the states and countries in which they make their homes.

When Ciara was in her adolescent years, the Harris family ultimately decided to plant their roots in the city of Riverdale, Georgia. At that point, things had reached a point where they were relatively steady for the family. As a result, the idea that her parents could one day decide to divorce was something that never crossed their daughter’s mind.

When Ciara’s parents decided to divorce, the singer was left in a state of utter devastation.
Ciara’s parents had been married for 33 years when they divorced about the same time that Ciara started dating their son-in-law Russell Wilson. Ciara’s parents had a son named Russell Wilson. Early on in 2015, Ciara and Wilson started a romantic relationship.

When Carlton and Jackie made the decision to divorce, it was a humbling and eye-opening event for their daughter. She had always had the belief that couples who had children would be together for the rest of their lives. However, when she realized that neither she nor her parents would live forever, she felt disappointed, and the event served as a wake-up call for her.

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In spite of the fact that they finalized their divorce around the year 2015, it wasn’t until an interview with Ru Paul in 2019 that the singer acknowledged publicly that her parents had split. She went on to say that they had both gone on with their lives and married new individuals.

Jackie Harris Was the Primary Influence That Led to the Creation of the Singer’s Sixth Studio Album
It was revealed in 2013 that Ciara had began working on her sixth studio album, and 2013 was the year that she released it. Jackie is the name of the CD that she finished recording in 2015 and gave as a memorial to her mother. On Jackie’s actual birthday, the CD was made available for purchase. It was an attempt on her part to express her appreciation for her mother. Ciara made the following observation on the album:

“It’s just a very special song to me, and a timeless song for me, will forever have tremendous significance for me, because once again, it’s the emotion that I believe we all share as a mother’s love,” she said. “[It’s] just a really meaningful song to me, and a timeless song for me,” she said. The love that a mother has for her child is genuine, and there is nothing that a mother wouldn’t sacrifice for her child.

Jackie made a very uncommon appearance in public in 2019, when she attended the VH1 Mother’s Day Extravaganza. She had been there with both her daughter and her mother. The three women really stole the show on the red carpet with their exquisite ensembles and the narrative of how their family has been in the public eye for three generations.

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Ciara’s connection with her parents has never been strained, and this has remained the same even after her parents went through a divorce. It is clear from the way that she interacts with them that the singer of “Goodies” considers her parents to be her happy spot.

Carlton Harris and Ciara have a unique connection with one another. Even so, she refers to herself as her father’s “mini-me.” Ciara decided to go all out for one of her father’s birthdays by treating him to an extravagant journey in a helicopter. Their one-of-a-kind bond was also on display at a Seattle Seahawks party, when Ciara shared a video of herself and her father dancing to a song by LL Cool J. The celebration was held in Seattle.

Ciara’s mother and father have been very involved in their daughter’s life, particularly in the aspects of it that pertain to her relationships with other people. The close bond she had with her father inspired her to hunt for a partner with whom she could have a connection of equal depth and intensity. Ciara gave a description of her spouse in an interview in the year 2021, saying:

“He’s the sort of man that gives it 110% or nothing, and he gives it 110% in everything. I often tell him that he is my biggest inspiration because he genuinely is that man… he is about making the most of life in every aspect, and I really appreciate that quality about him.”

Russell Wilson, a renowned quarterback in the National Football League, is Ciara’s husband. Due to the fact that the player has had previous connections with Future, she has a strong connection with Ciara’s kid, Future Zahir Wilburn. In addition to this, Ciara would want to give her husband, Future, credit for his well-rounded parenting abilities when it comes to their children, Win Harrison and Sienna Princess.

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Ciara’s connection with both of her parents has stayed the same as it was before her parents divorced, despite the fact that she was deeply affected by the breakup of her parents’ marriage. The singer is overjoyed to hear that they have found a new life with their spouses in which they can feel at ease. Her parents continue to serve as her source of joy.

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