Joanna Gaines finally openly talks about being bullied as a child for her nationality and how it affected her…

Anyone who has watched HGTV at all in the last ten years is certainly familiar with Joanna Gaines. She co-stars with her husband Chip in the popular television program “Fixer Upper.” What started as a home renovation program quickly expanded into a home furnishings line, a bakery, and even its own streaming network. Basically, there’s a good reason why the Gaines business is still going strong. Everybody adores Chip and Joanna. According to marketing expert Yajin Wang, their way of life and offerings make for the ideal storm.

Wang told Smith Brian Trust, “The audience truly appreciates their characters, and that’s why they have a following. “Their traditional family values, mutual support, and relationships with their kids all resonate with viewers. In their program, on their Instagram page, and on all other social media platforms, they present this picture of a devoted couple who are exactly like your neighbors. What sells is that.”

Unfortunately, not everything has gone smoothly for our favorite home decor expert.

Joanna Gaines acknowledged that she was bullied throughout her upbringing in an interview with Darling.

If you haven’t heard, my dad is Caucasian and my mom is fully Korean,” stated Gaines. Kids in kindergarten would tease me because I’m Asian, and at that age you don’t really know how to process it; you interpret it to mean that who you are isn’t good enough.

Gaines was ridiculed for bringing Asian food to lunch since she and her brothers were “the only Asians at her school.” Gaines stated, “I understood that if this isn’t accepted, perhaps I should hide it and play more into the other half of who I am.

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Gaines occasionally ate lunch in the restroom stall in high school rather than face her mocking classmates. Fortunately, she used her suffering to inspire others.

Joanna Gaines gained perspective on her background as an adult. Gaines remarked, “I didn’t like the way it made me feel; it’s not who I am. I learned that my purpose was to help individuals who are insecure.” Because I had truly lived there and experienced that sorrow firsthand, I believed there would be a way to help others from that position of suffering.

In her business, she has a clear mission. As a foundation for the brand, Chip Gaines wrote about the “Magnolia Manifesto.” The objective? Always choose kindness. Joanna has built her entire brand around being kind, accepting of all people, and cooperating with others. It’s obviously been received nicely.

People are drawn to the Gaines family’s wholesome reality, just as Wang claimed. Even the truth about their children has been revealed, along with the couple’s marital issues. Anyone can be inspired by their candor and goodness.

Watch her interview here:

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