Keke Palmer argues ‘makeup isn’t real’: “I’m attractive in real life, not because of how I look but because of who I am,” she said…

Keke Palmer, who is 29 years old, took the opportunity today to respond to her critics.

The star of “Nope,” who recently announced her pregnancy while hosting “Saturday Night Live,” responded to criticisms of her makeup-free appearance by taking to Twitter to defend herself against comments made by internet users.

Palmer tweeted, “I just saw a few comments of people saying I was ugly because I wasn’t wearing any makeup,” likely referring to any number of bare-faced, hilarious images she has published on social media. “I just noticed a few comments of people saying I was ugly because I wasn’t wearing any makeup,”

Palmer continued by saying that her beauty extends beyond the surface and that there is no amount of cosmetics that could ever change that about her.

“In addition, I genuinely want all of you to seek the assistance that you require since cosmetics aren’t real. I am stunning in person because of the person I am rather than because of the way I look “she had written.

She added another tweet in which she explained that her level of self-confidence had progressed to such an impressive level that she wished she could share it with other people.

“I often wish there was a way to bottle and sell the way I currently feel about myself. Because some people let others’ words affect them deeply, and others are unrestrained in what they say. I mean, in all honesty, it’s absurd to say that anyone, but especially me, is ugly “she had written.

Even though it is not quite evident who was responsible for placing the hateful comments under Palmer’s posts, her followers responded with a lot of volume and pride.

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“Right? You have always been stunning! It’s nothing more than an attempt to make you feel bad about yourself in the same manner that trolls do. People who are happy and successful in all aspects of their lives, including financially, physically, spiritually, and psychologically, do not make statements like those. No one, especially people who are jealous, will be able to break your spirit “shared a single user

“Get them Keke! You are quite simply one of the most gorgeous women in the world, and the fact that you are carrying a child has made you look even more brilliant “shared another person

In addition, actress Niecy Nash stopped by to offer Palmer some words of support and encouragement.

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