Man Loads His Truck with Grill and Food to Help Tornado Victims in Kentucky, but You Can’t Imagine What was Their Response.

Following the recent outbreak of tornadoes in Mayfield, Kentucky, individuals and organizations alike lit up their barbecues to feed the victims.

Jim Finch, a man who fulled his truck with food, drink, and a barbecue grill and travelled to Mayfield to help those in need, stated, “I just felt I’d do what I could.”

Tornadoes obliterated tens of thousands of structures, took off power, and consequently halted refrigeration and restaurant services in the city.,,

A local reporter saw Finch on a pa “I know they have no electricity, which means they have no restaurants and no running water, so I felt I’d do what I can,” Finch said. Bring some food and water with you.

The rescue of pitmasters…

Finch wasn’t the only pitmaster to arrive in Mayfield to assist, maybe a reflection of the social importance of barbecue in Kentucky. .,

Operation BBQ Relief provides free hot meals to those affected by these disasters on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Multiple times per year, Operation BBQ Relief packs 18-wheelers with commercial BBQ smokers by Ole Hickory pits and deploys to disaster zones to avoid the need for gas and electricity in order to serve enormous quantities of hot meals prepared by award-winning barbecue chefs.

Operation BBQ Relief is currently in Mayfield, but has previously served a quarter-million meals in Louisiana and Missouri in response to Hurricane Ida…

They were present during the severe freeze in Houston last winter and have set up many times to feed frontline healthcare personnel during the pandemic’s early days.

The initial step in hosting a BBQ is to invite friends and family…

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It’s a tradition born of unity and charity to ensure that everyone has enough to eat, so it’s maybe not surprising that it’s a kneejerk reaction for Americans who observe a calamity hit their fellow countrymen…

Having drove a half-hour to cook food for locals while passing a particularly ravaged roadway.

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