Man Plays the Guitar When Barefoot Lady Joins For Captured Performance Making Everyone’s Jaw Drop

Man Plays the Guitar When Barefoot Lady Joins For Captured Performance Making Everyone’s Jaw Drop

One of the most wonderful things about music is how it can be used to connect others and bring us all together. In fact, the healing powers of music are so pervasive and powerful that they can seemingly bring anyone together, allowing any person who has the music in their heart to easily connect and add their own unique twist to something!

The 37-year-old musician Abby Roach knows this well. She specializes in a subsection of American folk music that has a rich, but unexpected history: spoon playing. Yup, you heard that right: through playing a pair of 3 otherwise normal kitchen spoons, Abby can construct vivid and dynamic percussive rhythms in ways that would put even some of the best drummers to shame. This is why many people might stumble upon an Abby Roach and not know exactly to expect. Her appearance looks unassuming, with her overall demeanor seemingly reserved.

However, once she begins playing her spoons, it’s quickly apparent just how virtuosic she is at her instrument. The way with which she does fast-paced patterns is something that is deceptively difficult. You might think that it does not take much to play spoons to make beats, but after just one viewing of Abby’s spoon playing you’ll be surely amazed at the talent that she has to offer. This is why she is well-known as “The Spoon Lady”, solidifying her influence as one of the world’s most impressive spoon players!

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Even recently, she teamed up with the folk musician Chris Rodrigues to do an incredible performance of the song “Angels in Heaven”. Though the song itself is quite impressive and requires a mastery of both guitar and vocal style, it’s clear as soon as the duo starts that Abby Roach is center stage in this arrangement, holding down a steady rhythm as Chris tells a vivid story about a blues man on the road searching for divine intervention.

This is such an inspiring thing to see! You might not be expecting much when you initially see Abby’s appearance, but you’d be surprised to know that she is an incredibly proficient musician at what she does. Her performance with Chris is also just another reminder of the sheer power that can only be represented in folk music. It can be easy to forget that folk music is a representation of the people, but it is, regardless of if you’re playing a guitar or a set of spoons from your kitchen!

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