Mum swears by charity shops for Christmas gifts, and some of her purchases have cost as little as 49p.

A TikTok charity shopping queen is saving money this Christmas by doing her festival shopping at charity shops.

Rachel Hutchinson, a mother of two, has over 52,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel and knows a thing or two about thrift stores.

With growing living costs and a need to tighten the purse strings even more, the prospect of Christmas shopping can be terrifying.

However, Rachel, or ‘rachmariex’ as she is known to her TikTok followers, demonstrates how you can still get wonderful gifts for a fraction of the price.

It’s a win-win situation because charity shops profit as well. Rachel demonstrates how it is done in her video and returns home with a stack of gifts and some money left in your wallet.

Her cheapest item in her charity shopping haul was only 49p. You couldn’t purchase a bar of chocolate for that price these days, and she’s overjoyed.

“What I’ve gotten so far from the charity shop for Christmas for my little daughters,” she informs her viewers.

“I bought this Magic Maths kit for £2.99 and it is all there because I double checked.

I purchased these bath bombs with slime inside for 99p. I purchased another Secret Safe journal for £2.99 because my other young girl already had one.”

The discounts kept coming: “I grabbed this massive bag of

Barbies, there’s a lot of different Barbies in here, and I’m going to dress them all up, they don’t know any different, and they’re only £3.99, and there’s a lot of small accessories.” ”

Rachel’s shopping binge reassured those new to charity shops, demonstrating that you can find some decent things, some scarcely used, some brand new.

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“They’re going to have such a beautiful Christmas – fantastic work mummy,” one fan remarked.

Another charity store veteran remarked, “Amazing, I’ve had heaps of things from charity shops, some new tags, some not, but it’s just crazy how businesses charge like 5 times the price.”

If anyone was unsure about some of her deals, another reader pointed out that “those Poopsie bath bombs are £10 on Amazon!”

She clearly inspired others, as evidenced by one of her writings: “Brilliant!!! I’m heading to my local charity shops. I was completely inspired.”

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