Rod Stewart and Michael Bublé add something magical to a Christmas song to elevate it…

You have undoubtedly heard of Rod Stewart if you enjoy the old-school romantic crooners. The 76-year-old Stewart has been wooing audiences with songs from nearly every genre for years, but his interpretations of old classic love songs are unquestionably some of his best.

Even though Michael Bublé has only recently started singing publicly, his reputation as one of his generation’s most romantic crooners has already grown. Many people have already made up their minds to see the 46-year-old perform before he even opens his mouth to sing because of his sharp suits and captivating eyes.

When the pair performed a duet of “Winter Wonderland” in 2012 to mark Christmas, they teamed up to play with the camera and give each other energy. The duet was included in Bublé’s NBC holiday television special, “Home for the Holidays.” Given the pair’s combined talent and charm, it should come as no surprise that their performance was a smashing success and instantly went viral.

Despite the fact that they are not particularly close, from watching them you would believe they were longtime pals who had been performing together for years. They might have blended so well together because of their distinctive romantic tendencies. In any case, you must watch their performance.

The mood is beautifully laid-back during the performance. The band is seated behind the two icons as they stand on the platform together. The stage is beautifully decorated for Christmas. Despite the fact that they are both wearing suits, their personalities are evident in the way they carry themselves. Bublé maintained his signature smart look with a slender tie and a sleek hairstyle, while Stewart, who still has a rocker edge, left his bowtie undone, giving his appearance a casual, unforced aspect.

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Bublé and Stewart’s voices, albeit different, blended flawlessly together once they started singing. Bublé can sing in both the baritone and tenor ranges thanks to his extraordinarily versatile voice. His voice is especially ideal for Christmas music, which explains why Billboard lists his album “Christmas” as one of the best-selling Christmas albums of all time.

Stewart, meanwhile, is well renowned for his scratchy, croaky voice, which has been praised for being immensely seductive. Stewart is ageless and classic, and he has maintained all of his charm over the years. He has only gotten better with age, much like a superb wine. When they performed “Winter Wonderland,” the pair was able to reach a wide range of notes together, giving the Christmas classic a more mature feel.

The two began by singing various verses in turns at first, but when they harmonized, it was like magic. Stewart’s rasp gave Bublé’s silky vocalizations grit and weight, creating a Christmas tune that was just suitable for adults.

Furthermore, the spontaneous dance maneuvers they performed while singing made their performance much more captivating. Their actions gave the song a playful feel and gave the impression that they had just decided to sing along in front of the fire on Christmas Eve. Despite it being a formal event, the music and their energy combined really helped to create a comfortable mood at the performance.

It is evident from the over 2.7 million YouTube views that the public adored Bublé and Stewart’s performance of the traditional holiday song. Commenter 1 stated:

“The chemistry between Michael and Rod is incredible! Rod’s voice is so distinctive, and Michael’s fits carols so well! I adore this album cover.”

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One more user stated:

“A work of art. The harmony was as elegant as silk, and the performance was flawless!”

Watch the amazing performance here:

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