Teachers Visit a Bridge Everyday to… Heartwarming…

During the pandemic, people in India woke up to news about the hard lives of migrant workers every day for months.

People who were stuck on their way home because of strict lockdown rules and a lack of basic services told us heartbreaking stories of human suffering.

But the news also pushed some heroes to act.

Under the bridge in Kochi, which is in the coastal state of Kerala, there is a happy sight to see.

Teachers can be found deep in study with students of all ages under the Bolgatty-Vallarpadam bridge.

Ten children of migrant workers were living with their families under the bridge. Now, thanks to the hard work of the teachers at St. John Bosco’s UP School, that temporary “home” is also being used as a classroom.

When the government told schools to close and online classes started, teachers realized that some kids didn’t have a way to attend online classes and would probably stop going to school if the situation didn’t change.

Three teachers—Shamiya Baby, Neema Thomas, and Susan Mable—and the school’s headmistress, Elizabeth Fernandez, came to help.

They had laptops and drawing sets. Since online classes started for real at the beginning of June, these teachers have been putting classes on their laptops and going to the bridge to teach the kids.

“Every day, they also bring masks, cookies, and candy for the young children,” says Mathrubhumi News.

As technology makes its way into the education field, stories like this show how important human teachers and their selfless kindness are… Priceless.

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We should thank our health workers and doctors, but we should also think about the teachers who help keep the light of hope burning bright in the minds and hearts of society’s youngest people.

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