Teenager Sings for Her Dying Dad, Stuns Judges With Her Passion and Talent

Teenager Sings for Her Dying Dad, Stuns Judges With Her Passion and Talent

Who could forget Elvie Clair auditioning for America’s Got Talent season 12 that gave goosebumps and brought tears to the million eyes? When the judge Simon Cowell asked why she decided to join America’s Got Talent that year, she said it’s always been her dream to step on the stage of this famous talent show. Then she broke and cried as she mentioned that a year ago, her dad was diagnosed with colon cancer, stage four, and despite that, he is still working and supporting their family. And she said that she’s there to sing for her dad.

At the backstage, there were her mum and her dad and now also began crying. The audience cannot hide how they were so touched – and cannot hold back their tears. Also, the judges felt what she’s inside. She was asked what then the song that she will sing for that night, and she answered it’s “I’m Missing Arms” by Christina Perri. Why did she choose that? Because in her dad’s rough days, she said that she used to go to his room and sing that song to make her dad feel better – to give comfort and strength for his dad to continue fighting. What a sweet and loving daughter! How beautiful she is inside and out!

As Cowell said, what unbelievable bravery of what she told that night and he gave her a little moment to settle herself for a while before singing her song. And as she sang the first line of the song, she at once captivated every heart that was there. They were stunned with her beautiful angelic voice as Elvie sang it in her version that gives an added layer of emotions and soul to the song. Yes, she deserved the standing ovation from the judges she got.

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Check and watch in the video below on how this lovely daughter left the audience in awe and teary-eyed as she sang the song “I’m Missing Arms” by Christina Pierre for his dying dad.


Indeed, the feeling of possibly losing dear loved ones, no words could explain exactly how it feels. Yes, there are not enough words to recount the pain, sadness, or fears!