The most hilarious and wonderful wrong case of a man appearing live on TV while he went to a job interview…

Imagine being erroneously interviewed on live TV—a job interview is tense enough as it is.

as well as a tech specialist! Due to a mix-up at what should have been a routine job interview, Guy Goma became famous online and is still spoken about today.

A humorous incident from BBC News started trending again on Reddit and Twitter in honor of the BBC’s 100th anniversary.

Congolese computer technician Goma was waiting for his employment interview as an accountant for the IT department in the BBC Television Centre’s main reception area.

He was abruptly taken into a makeup area, then into the studio. Evidently, he was mistaken for a tech expert who was set to appear on live television for an interview.

A producer approached Goma just five minutes prior to the interview and inquired about his identification.

He was quickly led to the News 24 studio, where he received makeup before being hustled to the broadcast studio and placed in front of the cameras while being connected to a microphone.

Goma had been suspicious about the circumstances all along, but he continued to believe he was about to conduct a job interview. Goma was introduced as Guy Kewney by television host Karen Bowerman during the studio interview, nevertheless.

Imagine his surprise when the newscaster said that Guy Kewney was the editor of the technology website Newswireless. I’m glad to see you. Despite being clearly surprised, Goma chose to continue with the interview because it was being broadcast live.

Bowerman herself understood after a few inquiries that the man she was speaking with was not the tech expert they had intended for the interview.

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However, Goma handled the unexpected circumstance wonderfully and coolly, which helped him become one of the most recognizable figures on the internet.

Although he couldn’t hear the audio, Kewney, the true tech expert, was shocked to see Goma being questioned. When the interview started, he was still waiting in the lobby.

In order to discuss Apple Computer’s legal conflict with the Beatles record label, Apple Corps, he had been asked to participate in the live television interview.

The receptionist had accidentally pointed to Goma when the producer went to get him, and he was then hauled into the television studio.

Goma attempted to respond to the questions during the interview in the manner of the presumed IT expert he was, while maintaining his composure and professionalism.

He responded, “Actually, if you can go everywhere you’re going to see a lot of people downloading through the Internet and the website, everything they want, when questioned about the Apple case. However, I believe that it is much better for growth and, uh, for people to obtain what they want and to do so quickly by taking the simple route.

Although it was clear that he knew little about the subject, the interview went on because it was a live broadcast.

When the talk was finished, the host inquired about his reaction to the case’s outcome. The misinformed tech expert Goma responded diplomatically, saying, “I’m quite astonished to see this verdict come on me. That was not what I anticipated.

Goma had the opportunity to do his actual job interview twenty minutes following the studio broadcast. Sadly, despite his ability to remain calm under pressure, he was not hired.

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Nevertheless, Goma’s sudden transformation into a “tech guru” brought him instant recognition. He was then interviewed by the BBC about the humorous occurrence, and 16 years later it is still one of the highlights of the BBC’s history.

Goma might have been at the wrong place at the wrong moment, but he managed to salvage the situation.

He has since become famous for his awkward moment on BBC, which has amassed millions of views on YouTube and is frequently shared for laughs across all social media platforms. He has now made television history. Goma will always be a legend on the internet!

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