The mother made a touching and irresistable “request” to the nurse, who saved her kid’s life…

Conrad’s life has not had a smooth beginning. He had numerous health issues upon birth, necessitating a required stay in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Texas Children’s Hospital.

His mother is eternally grateful to Carly Miller, a nurse he met in the NICU who assisted in saving his life.

She is so appreciative, in fact, that she chose to ask Miller to be her son’s godmother!

“I just looked up at her and started crying, but she said, ‘No, we wanted you!’ when I asked if she had ran out of people to ask.” cited Miller.

Miller embraced the particular question with joy despite being astonished by it. She claims it meant the “absolute world” to her to be asked to be Conrad’s godmother.

Conrad’s first overnight NICU nurse was Miller, and the two of them hit it up right away. Miller couldn’t help but smile at Conrad, even though he was tethered to a dozen machines and IVs.

Conrad was born with a lower urinary tract obstruction. Babies with this condition frequently do not survive into infancy or, if they do, only a few days.

Because so many things were and are still working against him, Miller remarked, “He is such a miracle.

Miller reports that Conrad is doing fantastic and becoming stronger every day, despite the fact that he is still not out of the woods.

In the video below you can learn more about this touching story:

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