The mother provokes controversial opinions about the beauty process she did to her 3-year-old daughter in the viral video below…

People have accused her of being a bad parent and have even threatened to report her to child protective services in private messages.

Maintaining their children’s cleanliness and grooming is one of parents’ duties.
Although we have different methods and approaches for doing this, the main focus is always on keeping the kids clean and making sure they always look their best.

Leah Garcia, 31, posted a video of herself waxing her toddler’s unibrow on TikTok.

Idc! was written in the caption. Idc! Before I allow my 3-year-old to walk around with a unibrow like my parents did, I’d rather you all label me a horrible mother!

Her video went viral right after and has since received over 39.5K comments in addition to receiving over 3.8 million views on the video-sharing website.

Her video stirred discussions, and she even got private messages criticizing her parenting choices.

Leah admitted that she had only good intentions during an interview with Good Morning America.
Online comments and words of support for her decision to get rid of the unibrow were made.

There were, however, a number of unfavorable remarks that questioned her parenting approach.

One individual even commented on a TikTok stitch post, saying, “I hope when she’s older she understands her anxieties were placed on her by the person who was supposed to make her feel the most beautiful in this world terrible baby.”

Additionally, the 31-year-old mother got emails and direct messages threatening to report her to child protective services.
A threat to report her to child protective services was contained in the private texts that Leah shared screenshots of.

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Social media users ridiculed the mother and criticized her parenting abilities.

Because she wishes someone had done it for her when she was younger, she made the decision to wax out the unibrow.

She was bullied because of it when she was younger, and when she learned that her daughter also had it, she wanted to protect her from any future abuse due of having a unibrow.

Her video was intended to reassure other parents in a similar circumstance that they are not alone.

Her post was supposed to be humorous.

“I was sharing it to connect with other moms who do that because I knew I wasn’t alone in that. Additionally, let the moms who don’t do it but do have a child with hair who struggles with this know that it’s acceptable, added Leah.

When she published the video, the Texas mother revealed that she had been waxing her daughter’s unibrow for roughly a year.

When her toddler noticed that her other daughter and stepson had also had their unibrows waxed, the toddler asked Leah to do the same for her.

It wasn’t something like, “Mom, please wax my eyebrow because I have a unibrow and I’m so insecure. … But she did ask, and because I knew I would eventually have to wax her at an early age, I figured it might as well be when she was ready and willing. So I simply took the opportunity for what it was, Leah said.

Leah believes that people who attacked her must not have ever been the target of bullying due to a unibrow.

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She understood what she was talking about because she had seen it herself, and her choice was made with her children’s wellbeing in mind.

Watch the video below:

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