This 6-year-old girl requested to be costumed as a sassy 100-year-old grandma. Here’s why…

What could be more fitting than dressing up like a 100-year-old grandma to commemorate the 100th day of kindergarten?

According to reports, a 6-year-old girl had the amazing idea while thinking out a costume to honor her 100th day in kindergarten.

So, she donned a 100-year-old grandma costume replete with pearl-encrusted cat-eye spectacles, full makeup, and a walking stick.

The father of the imaginative little child described how the notion became a reality in a Reddit post.

“My child wants to start kindergarten on her 100th day at the age of 100.”

“The credit for this one goes to my wife and mother-in-law; they performed all the effort.”

The girl finished her transition from a cute 6-year-old kindergartener into a sophisticated 100-year-old grandma.

She also had rosy cheeks, brilliant blue eye shadow, and visible lines around her lips and forehead.

“She made an attempt at an elderly voice, but it needs improvement.”

“She attracted a lot of attention in class that day, and her friends and professors enjoyed it. She was the object of the cafeteria ladies’ obsession, and her pals crowded about her first thing in the morning as if she were a zoo exhibit.”

“Her costume quickly gained popularity on social media as well.”

The girl’s father posted, “My wife thought it was humorous and wanted me to publish this, so here we are.”

It appears that the girl had made a request of this nature before.

She occasionally enjoys dressing up, particularly around Halloween. She dressed as a genie riding on a magic carpet for Halloween last year. Her father claimed that the carpet was designed to appear to be floating and to give the impression that she was sitting on it.

She chose Princess Darth Vader when she was three, and she wanted us to dress up as mommy and papa Vader for Halloween.

Nevertheless, there is a sweet 6-year-old girl hiding beneath all the “wrinkles” and the Darth Vader mask.

This photo shows her appearance without cosmetics or a costume.

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