TikToker Says She Was ‘Not Missing’ After Her Family Filed Report and Mom Claimed Someone Took Over Her Phone

A woman from Ohio has been located after her relatives reported her missing after becoming suspicious of the behavior on her TikTok page…

Columbus police located Georjlyn Hayes, 20, on Saturday morning, according to Lena Wilson, creator of Golden Hearts, a Voice 4 the Voiceless search-and-rescue team, who spoke to NBC station WCMH-TV.

Golden Hearts reported in a Facebook post that Georjlyn had been “found” and was “safe,” but did not indicate when or where the woman was located.

Wilson told the newspaper, “We don’t see enough of ‘found alive,’ so her discovery is a fantastic moment of relief.”

“The majority of cases of missing persons become cold cases,” she noted.

Georjlyn, who has 11,000 TikTok followers, posted many updates on her account after it was determined that she was safe and begged that she no longer be contacted about being reported missing.

“Leave me tf alone,” she said over a video she posted on Saturday, adding that she was “not missing” and would not react to comments on the matter.

The woman stated in a second video that she is “okay” and had spoken with police.

Neither Golden Hearts nor the Columbus Division of Police responded quickly to a request for comment from people.

Georjlyn was last seen in Coshocton, Ohio, according to the Golden Hearts’ Facebook post before she was reported missing. WCMH-TV reports that a missing persons complaint was filed with the Coshocton County Sheriff’s Office on July 12.

Brenda Hayes, Georjlyn’s mother, initially believed her daughter had traveled to Columbus and Cincinnati, but then noticed a TikTok on her daughter’s website about Georjlyn becoming lost in Kentucky.

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Brenda stated that she then gave her daughter money via CashApp in an attempt to assist her, but that the funds were withdrawn in a different time zone.

Before Georjlyn was located, she informed a TV station, “People have reached out to her on social media, but they are blocked.”

Georjlyn claimed she withdrew the funds in the first TikTok video she posted on Saturday.

According to the WCMH-TV story, Brenda also claimed that her daughter’s voicemail box had been altered to someone named Cory.

According to the report, the mother stated that she sought to ask her daughter identifying questions, but the child consistently gave incorrect responses..,

Wilson stated that “tips began pouring in the night before” Georjlyn’s safety was confirmed by law enforcement, according to WCMH-TV….

According to WCMH-TV, Wilson has a personal relationship with Georgian. Four years ago, the TikToker joined Wilson in the hunt for 15-year-old Sammy Walters, who went missing in 2018 and was discovered dead in a nearby pond.

Wilson told the publication, “We are ecstatic that her case of a missing person elicited such a positive response from the public, which could lead to her family finding closure.”

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