VIDEO: After a Disneyland Paris employee interrupted a couple’s proposal, Disney apologized.. But see what couple did…

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Disney has apologized to a couple whose marriage proposal at Disneyland Paris was cut off by an employee in a video that has gone viral.

In June, a bystander’s video of the couple’s story went viral after it was posted on social media.

In the video, a Disneyland Paris worker is seen rushing to get a couple off a stage in the middle of a marriage proposal.

It looks like the worker took the ring from the man on one knee and told the couple to leave the stage, which was in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle.

As the man does what he is told, he tells the worker that he is now engaged because his girlfriend said “yes” to his proposal.

The worker says, “That’s great, but it’s going to be even better over here.”

Disney said in a statement to The New York Times that they were sorry about what happened and want to make things right with the couple involved.

“We have apologized to the couple in question and will do everything we can to make this right,” the spokesperson said.

People asked Disney for a comment, but they didn’t answer right away.

In a phone interview with the Times on Monday, Ante, 31, from Germany confirmed that Disney has offered him and his fiancee a free weekend at a Disneyland park and hotel of their choice. He doesn’t plan to accept, though.

“I no longer want to go to Disneyland. They can’t take that moment back, and all I want is a second chance “Ante said.

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(Ante agreed to talk to the Times as long as only his first name was used and his fiancee’s name was kept secret.)

Ante said that Disney was a big part of their relationship because his now-wife gave him tickets to Disneyland for Christmas, which he used to plan his proposal for May 21.

Ante had planned to ask his girlfriend to marry him during the fireworks show, but he told the Times that he couldn’t wait that long.

Instead, Ante chose to ask her to marry him on the stage, which CNN says is used for performances all day.

Ante said that before he went ahead with his new plan, he asked a different park worker for permission to use the stage. This is what the report says.

But it wasn’t long before the second worker ran on stage and ruined the happy moment for the couple.

After that, Ante put the ring on his fiancée’s finger when they sat down on a nearby bench and watched the video on Ante’s phone, which was taken by a stranger who agreed to film the proposal.

Ante told the Times that the video was taken by a stranger who agreed to film the proposal.

He also said that his fiancee was “very happy and very sad” after what happened.

“Disneyland is where dreams come true,” he told the outlet. “Our chance was taken away.”

Watch the video…

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