VIDEO: Couple sets new burrito and hot dog eating records at record speed.

Watch the video below…

A Florida couple who are both competitive eaters broke Guinness World Records for speed eating hot dogs and a burrito…

The record-keeping organization revealed Miki Sudo ate an entire burrito in 31.47 seconds, beating the previous mark by 0.88 seconds.

Earlier that day, she ate six hot dogs in one minute, doubling the previous record.

Nicholas Wehry, Sudo’s husband, ate 12 hot dogs in 3 minutes, setting a new record.

The Hungry Couple, as they are affectionately known, first hooked up four years ago when both were training for an eating competition.

As Sudo said to Guinness World Records, the two of them first met at a gym on the morning of the biggest eating event on their circuit…

In an effort to be courteous, I decided to introduce myself.

They eventually tied the knot, had a child, and still find themselves going up against each other in competitions…

“We’re ranked third and fourth in the world and at any given battle, we might defeat each other by a fraction of an ounce,” Sudo added.

Watch the video …

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