VIDEO: Man Finally Launch His Floating Suit Made of 1,100 Corks, After 3 Years of Secret Work

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A man who labored over the construction of a floating suit comprised of 1,150 corks over a period of three years has finally unveiled his work.

Kerry Haulotte worked in complete secrecy to create the one-of-a-kind suit until it was ready for its first voyage, at which time he reported that “it performed beautifully.”

The 64-year-old man said the suit was meant to be a funny jest for the family to have fun with while they were out on the boat together, but the video of Kelly flinging himself into Lake Michigan has gone viral, with 3 million views and 500,000 likes.

During a day spent having fun with friends and family, everyone was attempting to don the cork suit so that they could float in the water.

The costume required 3,450 holes to be drilled into hundreds of corks for its construction, and the finished piece ended up weighing more than 13 pounds.

Because Kerry was so concerned that the experiment would be unsuccessful, it was conducted in complete secrecy.

“I kept the project a secret for the entirety of its creation, with the exception of my wife Jamie. I did this out of fear that I might not be able to finish the project or that it would be a catastrophic failure,” he explained to SWNS news.

When it was ultimately revealed to members of the family, everyone in the family was blown away by what Kerry had created.

His stepdaughter Haley, who uploaded the video, remarked, “This is the coolest thing I have ever seen!” in response to the clip.

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According to Kerry, it was a “on-again and off-again project” that required a total of 120 to 130 hours to complete.

“I will freely admit that one of my biggest concerns was that people would think I was completely insane; nevertheless, despite the fact that this may be the case, it appears that people really enjoyed it.

Everyone who has watched it, as well as those who have participated in it, has come away with a happy expression on their face.

“Everyone who has floated in it has signed it and dated it,” he added. “By the way, it has been signed and dated by everyone.”

Haley, who is 28 years old, was taken aback by how ‘nice’ people had been to one another online.

“I was scared that the online community would be nasty, but everyone has been hyping up my stepdad, which I absolutely love to watch,” the narrator said.

“I was worried that the online community would be rude.” He is not just one of the most interesting persons I know, but also one of the most inventive.

“He is deserving of all the love, support, and recognition there is. I couldn’t have asked for a more interesting stepfather.

Watch the video…

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