VIDEO: Mom Has Been Bringing Joy to Neighbors By Drawing Amusing Chalk Cartoons on Her Sidewalk… See the result…

Watch the video below…

A mother in Florida has been using some bits of chalk to bring smiles, chuckles, and general goodwill to the people living in her neighborhood. She does this by drawing on her sidewalk with the chalk.

Casey Drake is a former science teacher, a mother of two children, and a sidewalk artist who has been lighting up the streets of Winter Park with amusing images of Disney characters coping with social alienation. Her work can be found in various locations throughout the city.

During one of the outbreaks, one of her drawings shows Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz telling people that there is “no place like home,” and another drawing on the pavement shows a delighted Rapunzel bragging about her social distance talents.

In the interview that can be found below with WKMG, Drake is quoted as saying, “Laughter is the best medicine.” I believe that we might all benefit from a healthy dose of comedy right about now.

Drake claims that she was motivated to begin painting the cartoons when she heard other stories on social media and news accounts of individuals leaving chalk messages of optimism for passersby during the COVID-19 outbreaks. Drake adds that this gave her the idea to start creating the cartoons.

Drake claims that drawing has become a much-needed source of therapy and stress relief during the shutdowns, adding that the artworks that have been painted on the sidewalks are helping to brighten up the area.

Drake is the first to concede that her labor of love may not have the same societal impact as other national volunteer activities; yet, she still believes that the drawings she does can at least offer her neighbors some joy.

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She explained to the reporters that “we need a mental vacation every once in a while from this.” Even if I know some individuals who are making masks and donating goods, this is still something that has a role to play even though it’s not as vital as the other things.

“I believe that’s a triumph if somebody can just grin as they’re walking down the street, and for a second kind of break out of the melancholy of the moment and the dread.”

Be sure to stop by the Instagram page that the artist Casey Drake maintains in order to view more of her work.

Watch the video…

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