VIDEO: She Built a $15,000 Cottage in the Back Yard For a Brother With Autism… Click for the details…

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A sister tells her mother that she made a “game-changing” decision when she gave her brother the gift of independence by constructing a little house for him in the backyard of their home.

After learning that her autistic brother, who was then 33 years old and living in a residential facility, was experiencing significant distress, Tiffany Chou uprooted her life and went from New York City to Hawaii in order to care for him.

Since it had been 15 years since the siblings, who are both adopted, had lived together, Tiffany was anxious about what the experience would be like because Chris’s conduct could be perceived as “difficult.”

After moving to Maui, the sister, who is 36 years old, and her boyfriend made the decision to construct Chris a small cottage in their back yard so that he would have a place of his own.

The fashion accessory designer shared, “When I moved back to my old house and took Chris in as my roommate, I truly had no idea what I was getting myself into.”

Because he can be distracting and overwhelming at times, we came to the conclusion that it would be great for him to have his own independent place that is only a few seconds away from us.

They started the building by tearing down a little structure that was in their garden; she and her partner were able to put the cottage together for a total cost of only $15,000 after doing all of the work themselves.

Chris was given the opportunity to select the hues that would be used throughout the construction of his home, which was finished in a period of three months.

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He moved in during the month of August, and he is delighted with his new home.

Tiffany comments that “he really loves it, and the shift that has taken place is astounding.”

“There is no need to remind him to do the dishes. It has definitely helped him become much more self-reliant as a result.

Additionally, they customized the interior of the house to accommodate all of his peculiarities.

Because Chris is the most thirsty guy you have ever encountered, he is constantly up in the night drinking water and wanting to use the toilet.

Because of this, we made sure that his restroom and a water tank were just by his bed.

Tiffany prepares his food in advance and divides it up into daily servings that he stores in his refrigerator. His kitchen is equipped with an induction burner that prevents it from accidentally being left on.

Chris now enjoys a greater degree of autonomy as a result of the newly acquired home, which was constructed with salvaged materials and furnished with pre-owned items in order to keep expenses to a minimum. (The house can be seen in the video that can be found below.)

In addition, Tiffany and her partner have their own room, which is quite important in light of the fact that they just gave birth to their daughter Luna a month ago.

He adores his role as an uncle and gets along famously with Luna.

“It has been a game-changer for all of us—I no longer need to continuously urge him to do things because he is doing them on his own.

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In the meantime, Tiffany is going to make a significant contribution to the greater community. She has launched a brand-new employment program geared toward adults who are disabled.

Adults like Chris can become more self-sufficient with the support of the career opportunities offered by Depo Market, which include both artistic and social work.

Watch the video…

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