VIDEO: The song “Home” is sung by Michael Buble and Blake Shelton in a duet… Watch the video below…

Michael Buble and Blake Shelton have both contributed their talents to the recording of the song “Home.” However, at this very moment, the two superstars are performing a stunning duet together, and it is a sight to witness.

This depressing track was originally included on Michael’s second studio album, titled It’s Time, which was released in the year 2005. In order to compose the song, he collaborated with Alan Chang and Amy Foster-Gillis.

Amazingly, despite the fact that Michael released the song about twenty years ago, it is still able to move people emotionally.

In 2008, country musician Blake Shelton released a rendition of the song that ascended the Billboard charts and reached number one. Because of the widespread success of Blake’s song “Home,” Michael was approached by Blake to alter the song’s lyrics so that the two of them could work on a Christian cover version together.

It’s a really fantastic day since Michael Buble and Blake Shelton are now performing on stage together, singing the song that first brought them both to prominence.

We get our first look of Michael and one of the most famous composers working today, David Foster, right at the beginning of the film. The song “Home” is performed in a “country” manner by Michael as David begins to play the piano.

However, after the comically poor attempt by Michael Bublé, they are going to send out Blake Shelton, who is now the voice of country music.

The fact that they are speaking while simultaneously performing a beautiful duet amplifies the impact of their remarks.

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We’ve all had moments in our life when we’ve missed a loved one and wished that we could be with them once again, whether on this plane of existence or in the next. This song is about all of the nights when the two of us were alone ourselves, and how it made us feel better to know that we will eventually be back together again.

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