VIDEO: When Homeless Man Finds $17,000 Outside of Food Bank, He Turns It In So It Can Help…

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A homeless man went to the food bank near his house in the early morning hours on one August day to get a meal, and when he was there, he found a lot more than just food outside their door.

Kevin Booth’s original intention was to take advantage of the free baked goods that are available to anyone who wants them after the Sumner Food Bank has closed for the day and the doors are locked for the night.

Instead, he observed an odd brown paper bag that was resting outside the front door while it was locked.

Booth unzipped the bag under the mistaken belief that it contained food, only to discover that it actually contained piles of $20 cash.

The purse was ultimately loaded down with a total of $17,000 in cash. It goes without saying that if Booth had gotten his hands on that money, it would have made a huge impact in his life, but nobody around him knew that he had stolen it.

But the man, who is 32 years old, claims that he was aware that the money may help a greater number of people at the food bank, so he waited for the volunteer Anita Miller to come before opening the facility.

According to statements made by Booth to the News Tribune, “There are a lot of individuals who would have accepted it.” “I’m just not that kind of person,” she said.

She was taken aback when she learned about what had been put outside their door, and she contacted the authorities as soon as she could.

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In spite of reviewing the security tape, the Sumner Police Department in Washington was unable to determine who had dropped off the box.

After waiting the required period of time, which was ninety days, for someone to come forward and claim the cash, they donated it to a food bank and honored Booth for his generosity.

Miller claims that she has been providing Booth portions of the donation in the form of gift cards and that this has been her method of “sharing” the cash with Booth.

Even though he lives in a tent in the wilderness nearby, he has refused her offers of refuge, but he has graciously accepted her gifts of winter clothing.

In addition, a local resident has established a GoFundMe campaign with the goal of assisting Booth in acquiring the Volkswagen camper van of his dreams so that he can use it as a place of refuge.

Booth is one of the approximately one thousand individuals who receive free meals from the food bank on a monthly basis.

Thanks to the unidentified donation of multiple thousands of dollars, which is the largest donation the food bank has ever received, they will finally be able to pay for a brand new walk-in freezer, Miller was overjoyed to tell the reporters.

Watch the video…

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