Woman Accidentally Buys the Same Book She Sold 5 Years Ago and Finds Mother’s Last Words… Her mom wanted to…

It’s been five years since Sarah-mother Raspberry’s passed away by suicide while she was incarcerated, and while the young woman has mostly recovered from the tragedy, she finally found the last bit of closure that she needed when a strange twist of synchronicity brought back one of her mother’s old possessions with a hidden message.

The message was written on a piece of jewelry that her mother had worn when she was in jail.

Ms. Farmer, who is now 19 years old, claims that her mother, Christine Sexton, had committed herself in February 2013, after her addiction to crystal meth led her down a deadly spiral.

Ms. Farmer’s age at the time of her mother’s death was 19.

According to what Farmer said to The Dallas News, “She was a really caring mother.” “Toward the end, there were still many people who didn’t see that.”

Before she took her own life, Sexton had already served time in prison and had been released on multiple occasions.

During the first time she was locked up, she made a concerted effort to communicate with her kid in a way that was very meaningful to her.

According to Farmer, “She was there for 9 months, and after she came out, she handed me a bag of books to read.” Farmer was referring to the woman who served as an inmate.

“Books that could possibly explain why mom was there for me, or things that she believed I would adore,” you said.

“She would read them and then use a pink highlighter to underline certain parts of the text. Things that she wanted to speak to me but was unable to do so because she did not know how.

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Farmer made a promise to herself after her mother passed away that she would read each and every book, with the exception of one that had flakes of blue paint on the cover and a chewed-up corner.

It was the copy of the book that had been left to her by her mother. The book was titled House of Leaves, and it was authored by Mark Danielewski.

It is a complicated and unconventional horror story that is replete with strange text formatting and highly unsettling plot threads.

Farmer finally gave up on reading the book in 2014 and donated it to a book store that was located close to her home in Fort Worth, Texas. She believed that was the last of it, but she was wrong…

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