You won’t believe when you see how an anonymous caller saves puppies left in a box on a Michigan road.

A group of puppies left in a box in Michigan are lucky to be alive after going through a real storm.

The puppies, who are all about four weeks old, were found in a cardboard box on the side of a road near Holland, Michigan, on Saturday, according to a Facebook post from Harbor Humane Society, a non-profit animal shelter that is taking care of the puppies.

Someone saw the box of abandoned puppies on the road during a storm and called the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office.

The puppies were given to the Harbor Humane Society. Deputies responded to the anonymous call and rescued the puppies from the bad weather.

The Harbor Humane Society said that the puppies wouldn’t have lived if that call hadn’t come in. When the animal shelter got the puppies, they were “soaking wet and cold,” and as of Sunday, two of them were still in very bad shape.

“It breaks our hearts that things happened this way,” Harbor Humane Society shared on social media. “If they had asked for help from Harbor, we would have been happy to give it, and this dangerous situation could have been avoided.”

The animal rescue group said that the two puppies in critical condition are being watched and cared for by a staff member, while the rest will go to foster homes “where they will get warmth, snuggles, and TLC.”

The Harbor Humane Society is asking for donations to help pay for the cost of caring for the puppies and for anyone who knows who may have left the animals behind to contact them.

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In its Facebook post about saving the puppies that had been dumped, Harbor Humane Society reminded its followers that the shelter is there to help pet owners who are having trouble caring for their animals.

Harbor Humane Society said, “We never want to see an animal left alone, and we will never turn away a person or pet in a real emergency, even if we are full to the brim.”

The shelter also said that the puppies that were saved from the storm are not yet ready to be adopted because they are still recovering.

The Harbor Humane Society says that the shelter is full because more animals are coming in and fewer are being adopted. At the beginning of this month, the organization noted on social media that they have 207 cats and 45 dogs on site and 160 cats and 45 dogs in foster care.

In a Nov. 2 Facebook post, the nonprofit said, “We just can’t keep up.” “We have to deal with the effects of covid, the fact that surgery had to be stopped early in the pandemic, and the fact that vet clinics had to limit operations for a long time.”

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