3 Moms Sing Their Funny Version Of “Bohemian Rhapsody” And The Crowd Is In Hysterics

3 Moms Sing Their Funny Version Of “Bohemian Rhapsody” And The Crowd Is In Hysterics

Just about everyone knows Queen’s prized hit, “Bohemian Rhapsody.” The 1975 classic rock tune has reached a whopping 544 million views and counting on YouTube.

Hundreds and thousands of individuals have reproduced the song, as well. However, a group of three mothers completely revamped the tune and changed it from “Bohemian Rhapsody” to “Mommy Rhapsody.” Their version explains the everyday struggles of mothers, and it’s both relatable and hilarious.

Towards the beginning of the performance, the women temporarily set aside their current chores to send us an important message. The moms arrange in a triangular formation in dimmed, dramatic lighting and sing, “I’m just a mom. I need no sympathy ’cause I do it all on the go, poopy pants, snotty nose.” Many can start to relate, instantly.

“Kitchen, kids, and laundry: everything is dirty,” continue the group a few lines later. (At this point, I sympathize with the women, and I have yet to have children of my own!). Not only do they have humorous lyrics, but they begin to bust out some impressive moves, too.

One mom even whips out a broom “guitar” for a jamming solo with the wind in her hair and all to add a rough, rock-n-roll effect.

At one point in the video, three “boys” come on stage to put their own perspectives in the song. “Mamma Mia, Mamma Mia!” Then, towards the end, the trio plus another group of mothers add plastic baby dolls to their performance, and I’m left in hysterics. (You’ll get what I mean when you see it for yourself!)

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At the closing, the three women are again left alone on stage with dimmed lighting doing chores as if nothing had just occurred. If there is anything we can take from this song, it’s that we can definitely turn our frustrations into humor while still getting our point across.

Watch the video to get a good crack up.