31-Year-Old Actor Invites Senior Neighbor To Live With Him

31-Year-Old Actor Invites Senior Neighbor To Live With Him

Living in a good neighborhood is one of the best things you can ever have when you move to a brand new place, and these two neighbors are just blessed to have lived next to each other.

Meet Chris

31-year-old American actor Chris Salvatore moved into a new apartment in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, in 2015, and he didn’t know that his life was about to change.

Friendly Neighbor

When he moved in, Chris saw an elderly woman looking out her window with a friendly greeting for him, and the kind lady was Norma Cook who also lived on the same floor, slightly across from Chris.

Building Friendship

Chris started visiting Norma’s place regularly after knowing that she was living alone with her cat, and soon enough, they became best of friends.

Sharing Their Moments

The gentleman shared their moments on his social media by posting pictures of them celebrating holidays together or videos of them just hanging out, and their followers definitely loved them.

Dark Times

It was all great until Norma got diagnosed with leukemia and bills started piling up.

People Chimed In

Chris created a GoFundMe page to help with Norma’s hospital and health care bills, and because a lot of people loved the duo, the page garnered more than $30,000 overnight.

A Generous Offer

However, the funds soon ran out so Chris offered to let Norma stay with him in his apartment so she didn’t have to think about home and utility bills and so he could look after her and give her the care she needed.

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Wonderful Last Days

Norma was thankful that she had Chris to spend the remainder of her days with. After being hospitalized, the senior lady was eager to go home and be with Chris and her cat as this was her ideal place to spend her last days until she said goodbye a couple of years after.

Watch Chris and Norma’s beautiful story of friendship in the video below.

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