A California Family Is “Overjoyed” to Be Reunited with Their Dog After It Was Lost in a Landslide.

Authorities in search and rescue say there was a glimmer of hope for one family amidst the damage wreaked by mudslides in California.

Chloe the dog, who was separated from her family for two days following the mudslides, was reunited with them, according to the San Bernardino County Fire Department. In an entry.

“After 48 hours of strenuous search operations by USAR teams and SBCoFPD officers, Chloe the dog was recovered alive,” the caption for the effort by Urban Search and Rescue teams and San Bernardino County Fire Department stated.

The video depicts a little black puppy licking its owners’ faces and wagging its tail compulsively while pleased. Her family is ecstatic to be reunited, smiling and exclaiming “Chloe!” repeatedly.

“She was discovered in an empty place surrounded by thick mud and debris by rescuers. Chloe was reunited with her ecstatic family members. Chloe praised her rescuers as well “The caption for the Fire Department continued.

Chloe even thanked her rescuers, showing the firefighters special enthusiasm.

In the video, one fire official can be heard stating, “This is a very lovely puppy, and I’m glad we were able to help you guys out.”

Parts of Southern California were hit by mudslides and debris flows after a tropical storm brought heavy rain and strong gusts over the weekend.

According to the Associated Press, rains brought by Tropical Storm Kay resulted in catastrophic mudslides in San Bernardino County on September 12, which washed away cars and destroyed homes and businesses. According to the news source, one structure was submerged so deeply in mud that its roof collapsed.

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A video uploaded on Twitter by local Roger Seheult depicted a significant amount of mud covering the roads and parking area in front of Oak Glen Steakhouse Saloon.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the restaurant’s GoFundMe campaign to aid employees affected by the mudslides had raised nearly $10,000.

“Thank goodness no one was injured,” the organizer stated, before noting that the mudslides “destroyed 70 percent of our steakhouse/dining room and kitchen” as well as their equipment. “Everything is ruined,” they wrote.

After the mudslides, search teams reportedly combed the streets for people in need of assistance.

Eric Sherwin of the San Bernardino County Fire Department told the news agency, “We have rocks that moved through that weigh multiple tons.” “It could take days to locate all the lost vehicles because they are fully buried in muck.”

USA Today stated that no one was found in need of rescue and no one was reported missing.

Several motorists were stranded in mud and debris on the same weekend and the Los Angeles Fire Department was called to assist them.

After mudslides struck the Lake Hughes region on September 10, 24 vehicles and 53 individuals were “accounted for,” according to the Los Angeles office of the National Weather Service.

The Los Angeles County Fire Department tweeted a video of a road covered in thick muck.

An official from the L.A. County Fire Department told the Los Angeles Times, “That mud rose really quickly around the headlights, so they all needed assistance to exit their vehicles.”

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