A father argues with a driver for riding close to his son cycling on the road, and it causes controversial opinions on the Internet…

Teaching children about road safety is just as vital as teaching them how to ride a bike. No parent hates to watch their children suffer harm, much less die. However, a video of a father documenting his son cycling to school generated controversy. The father insisted he was correct, but the majority of people believe he was mistaken.

An incident when a car “squeezed” past a father’s son who was riding was captured on camera by 36-year-old Ashley Zhang-Borges and uploaded online.

The child can be heard asking his father if he should pull over after spotting a car moving in the opposite direction.
The child can be heard asking Zhang-Borges as the car neared them, “Should I pull over to the side?”

Instead of ordering his son to stop, Zhang-Borges instructed him to “keep going.” “Aren’t you going to stop?” Zhang-Borges said as the car sped passed them. In an effort to reassure his son and prevent him from being alarmed, Zhang-Borges said to the 5-year-old: “Don’t worry, just keep walking. That motorist ought to have come to a complete stop.”

After the event, Zhang-Borges released the footage on Twitter in November 2022 and expressed his fear for his child’s safety.

“If this is how their neighbors’ cars approach them, how can we expect parents to allow their children bike to school? By the way, he’s five, and this is 100 meters from his house “In his tweet, he wrote.
The 5-year-old child and the automobile driver were the subjects of Jeremy Vine’s Twitter tweet, an English television host and radio host who is well-known for supporting cycling.

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Among others who reacted to Vine’s message was British politician Sajid Javid, who quote-tweeted Vine’s tweet and claimed the guilt should be on the 5-year-father. old’s
In a subsequent interview, he retaliated against Javid. He remarked, “He didn’t announce any financing for active travel in his 2019 spending review.

Vine defended Borges-Zhang, calling him a “great dad” for ensuring the incident was recorded on camera.

“Those who attacked the father are the same ones who complain about kids riding bikes on sidewalks. A great father is shooting this “Added Vine.

Vine responded to a Twitter user who criticized him for standing up for Zhang-Borges’ 5-year-old child by stating that poor drivers are to blame for the dangers on the roads.

“Bad drivers are to blame for the danger on the roads. Unsafe drivers must be made to consider other road users. They become worse when space is cleared for them, “explained he.

In a tweet, the Surrey Police expressed their support for Zhang-Borges, writing: “There is a traffic jam up ahead where vehicles moving in the same direction as the riders have priority. The driver would have needed to stop in the space behind the parked cars if there had been a car coming from behind.”

On Vine’s show, Zhang-Borges asserted that his youngster has every right to ride a bike on the street.

“The driver made a mistake, and my son has every right to ride on the road, according to the facts in this case. That is obvious, “said Zhang-Borges.

Despite the fact that most people disagreed with Zhang-Borges, some people did. “He is entirely entitled to ride a motor vehicle. Cycling is cost-free, healthful, emits no emissions, and clears the way for other automobiles “a user posted.

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