A Flood of Generosity and Singing Offers Flow in for Homeless Opera Sensation From Subway… See how people react to this…

The residents of the City of Angels have welcomed a woman with an angelic voice into their hearts, and as a result, she is reaching new heights.

A homeless Russian-American woman was singing opera in the subway when an admiring police officer asked if he may tweet a video of her voice.

Since then, she has become beyond thankful to the guy who saved her life and has dedicated her life to paying it forward to other homeless people.

Emily Zamourka was approached by members of the Los Angeles Police Department and asked what they could do for her after the chance musical encounter catapulted her to celebrity.

Her top priority was to express her gratitude to Officer Frazier for making the video available to everyone, and so they arranged a meeting to do just that:

“I can’t believe this is happening,” she cried out as she embraced the hulking Frazier, who encircled her in a bear hug. “I can’t believe this is happening,” she sobbed.

A torrent of internet donations and paid singing gigs came pouring in when she posted a video of her voice reverberating on a subway platform.

This only took one day. The previous day, on Saturday, she performed the same operatic aria in front of thousands of people for the grand inauguration of Historic Little Italy in the San Pedro neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Zamourka was asked to give a performance after receiving an invitation from Joe Buscaino, an Italian-American councilman in Los Angeles who was engaged with the event’s organizers.

After he finished speaking, he used the opportunity to introduce her to the attendees before she performed the Italian aria by Puccinni.

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She added while she was holding the microphone, “I’m very glad that I could touch your hearts with my voice. I really appreciate your help. “I’m at a loss for words.”

The councilman and the team working for him have taken the once homeless woman under their wing, assisting her in finding a place to live and paying her $700 for a performance that only lasted three minutes.

The pianist and artist, now 52 years old, had been plagued by major health issues for the past decade, and as a result, he was having trouble making ends meet.

Then, according to her, tragedy struck when the $10,000 violin, which she played on sidewalks in order to make extra money, was snatched and destroyed by a stranger.

She had been playing the violin in order to make more money. After that, she was forced to live on the streets.

A campaign on GoFundMe that was created by a consultant for Buscaino has garnered more than $68,000, and many of the donors are hoping that this amount would be sufficient to replace her violin.

Since the story went viral, so many violins have been offered to Zamourka, and while she “very much appreciates” all of the generosity, she is waiting for an opportunity to acquire one that is more similar to the stringed beauty that she lost.

Zamourka says she has received so many offers, and she “very much appreciates” all of them.

According to TMZ, she said, “My violin was a really special fiddle.” “I’m on the hunt for a musical instrument that will steal my heart,” you might say.

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A recording deal was extended to Zamourka in the flurry that took place over the course of the previous week by music producer Joel Diamond.

Diamond penned an offer letter with the intention of developing a classical-EDM crossover smash. However, she is listening to the advice of others, and as a result, she is keeping all of her choices open.

She just wants to get back to her regular life and start working as an artist once more so she can support herself.

It appears as though that desire will soon become a reality thanks to Officer Frazier and all of the generous donations that have been made.

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