A man told his story to a random family he was selling his car to and immediately got adopted…

Daquane Shamar and Tavon Lamar Jacobs, twin brothers, started facing difficulties as soon as they were born.

Their drug-using biological mother was unaware that she was expecting children. Even after giving birth, she didn’t visit the doctor.

The brothers were only two pounds each when they emerged. According to physicians, they were so small that they could have all fit inside a shoebox. Even worse, they were born crack addicts.

They were taken out of their mother’s care by the Department of Social Services and placed in foster care.

Daquane and Tavon remained in the system up to the age of two, at which point the Woods family adopted them. Then, they adopted the names Davon and Tavon Woods.

For foster children, adoption is frequently a tremendous blessing, but for these twin brothers, it wasn’t.

“With our adopted family, we went through a really trying childhood. We were verbally and physically mistreated, we never had a say, and they never once expressed their love for us. Although we were too young and afraid to tell anyone what was going on at home, it felt like we were simply a paycheck, Davon stated.

Davon recalls making up a story about their mother being white and residing in Alaska when he was a small lad. However, the truth was that they had no notion of their identity or origins. Additionally, they had little knowledge of their new family.

The twins’ difficult upbringing caused them to rebel in their teens. Because of their adoptive family’s inhumane treatment of them, Davon even made multiple attempts to terminate his life. But Tavon always put a stop to him because he didn’t want to leave him by himself with them.

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The twins’ challenging childhood led to them rebelling as teenagers. Davon even made several attempts to end his life due to the cruel way his adoptive family treated them. However, Tavon would constantly stop him since he didn’t want to leave him with them alone.

But Davon and Tavon made the decision to start over after the passing of their 17-year-old brother in 2016. They relocated to Georgia, but they quickly became gang members.

Thankfully, everything turned around when their sister and brother-in-law extended an invitation to church. They went, and that was when their lives truly began to change. Finally leaving the streets, Davon and Tavon began working at various jobs.

Davon sold the Wilkinson family a car while he was working at a car dealership. They were moved to tears as he described his life tale.

Davon claimed that he connected with them right away, just as he had imagined connecting with his original family.

The Wilkinsons took him out to supper for his birthday. And they welcomed him into the family on that day!

With them close by, Davon added, “I spend holidays with them, and I know my kids won’t ever be short on family.” “I’m blessed to have them in my life,” she said. “It was really emotional to me because they gave me love that I’ve never gotten.” “We sometimes think because of the color of our skin, we’re supposed to be separate.”

Davon acquired a new family—a mother, father, brothers, sisters, and a niece—thanks to the Wilkinsons.

“I now have the white family that I imagined as a lost young child. It just goes to prove that neither blood nor color can create a family. Family is made through love, he remarked.

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Davon and Tavon are advocating today on behalf of children in foster care. For children in the system to get the loving family they deserve and a place where they can just be themselves, they are on a mission to establish the largest facility in the world.

“We won’t stand by and do nothing as children endure agony and the system’s fatal flaws. They have hope for a better future, and we will give them that hope by all lawful means required, declared Davon.

Davon uses his social media platform to spread the word about problems with the foster care system.

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