A participant on “Got Talent” who is just 16 years old proved Simon Cowell incorrect with her version of “Let It Go”… Watch the video in the following…

When Disney first released Frozen, no one was prepared for the sisters Elsa and Anna and how they revolutionized what it meant to be a Disney princess. In fact, they redefined what it meant to be a Disney princess.

They were not prepared for “Let It Go,” which was Elsa’s major hit and was performed by Idina Menzel. The song was covered almost everywhere, and it eventually became a tune that people went to when they were struggling with anything in their lives.

The song continued to enjoy significant success for quite some time. However, singing the song was a significant challenge. Menzel is capable of hitting notes that even the most seasoned vocalists find difficult to achieve.

In the past, Simon rated the sixteen-year-old vocalist Jodie Bird as an X on the basis of her performance on “British Acquired Talent.” However, the other judges let him to continue singing, and Jodi was allowed to go to the next round.

For the second time, Jody decided to perform the well-known song from Disney since he anticipated that it would lead his audience to feel anxious. To this far, only a handful of vocalists have been able to do justice to the song.

But Jodi did it in the end by singing the abbreviated version of the song “Let Go,” which was met with a positive reaction and applause from the audience. The judges were pleased that he was able to go to the final round since they like his distinctive approach to striking the notes.

Even Simon had a significant transformation in his thinking. He said that it was the first time he had ever given it to X and that he did so because he believed X need some trust and assistance. He explained to Jody that the lady should express gratitude to the guy for pressing that button since it caused him to exert more effort and sing more effectively. He praised him for his bravery and expressed his delight at the fact that he would be advancing to the third level of the competition. An incredible and one-of-a-kind opportunity to disprove Simon Cowell’s assertions was presented to Jodi.

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