A younger brother has asked a sister who has  disability to be the Maid of Honor at his upcoming wedding…

Chris Garafola was born in Vermont, and he has always regarded his older sister, Brittany Garafola, as the reason he has always considered himself to be lucky. Brittany was exceptional in a variety of ways, and the two of them forged a wonderful friendship that, over the course of time, grew both more robust and more profound.

Despite the fact that there was just a two-year gap in age between the siblings, the connection between their hearts was so profound that one simply could not exist without the other. This special connection cleared the road for them to go on in life together, and it was an inspiration to all who heard their touching story.

Throughout their childhood, Chris and Brittany were inseparable, referred to as a “package deal,” and considered to be the greatest of friends. Chris considered himself extremely fortunate to have an older sister like Brittany, and he never passed up an opportunity to express his gratitude to her in person or over the phone.

He marked the occasion with an emotional photo on Instagram with the two most incredible women by his side to commemorate the auspicious event.
Chris has stated that Brittany has “always poured her love onto him, challenged him, and taught him timeless lessons—giving him many opportunities to grow (fast) as a man, and become the greatest BROTHER he could possibly be.”

Despite the fact that the man who was born and raised in Vermont took great pride in the fact that he was his lovely sister’s younger brother, life had another special role in store for him—one that would bring him even more love, happiness, and appreciation. After that, Chris was finally able to meet the woman he would spend the rest of his life with, Tatiana, and it didn’t take him long to understand that the two of them shared a unique connection.

After putting a ring on their love, the couple started making preparations for their wedding, but they were aware that they could not have the ceremony or the reception without Brittany’s participation. When Chris first met Tatiana, he knew he needed to tell her about his elder sister and how much she meant to him despite the fact that they were estranged at the time.

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Chris told his beloved fiancee that spending time with him would also mean being comfortable around Brittany because she was such an important part of his life. Chris explained that this would be the case because Brittany was a crucial part of his life. To her great good fortune, Tatiana did not dislike having Brittany about, and in fact, she adored her with all of her heart and soul.

Tatiana and Chris, who were both aspiring models at the time, came to the conclusion that they wouldn’t get married until Brittany was able to attend, and the only way that would be possible was if she got her COVID-19 shot. This was a decision that was made by both of them.

Due to the fact that Brittany had Down syndrome, her immune system was significantly weaker than that of other people, putting her at an increased risk of developing infections and other illnesses. The two put their plans on hold while they waited for her to finish the vaccination.

Chris disclosed that his sister had successfully completed her vaccination in February 2021; hence, he and Tatiana came to the conclusion that they should postpone their wedding preparations for an additional two weeks. The male model shared a video on his YouTube channel and Instagram account towards the end of March. In the clip, he and his fiancee can be seen chatting with Brittany over FaceTime.

In the brief video clip, Brittany exhibited some wonderful expressions of emotion as she found out the date of her brother’s wedding. The couple subsequently informed her that she would be present on the big day, which was followed by a second unique request. “Do you remember the question I was going to ask you? Can you be my maid of honor? “said Tatiana.

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Brittany immediately said, “Yes, I can,” as she wiped away the tears of happiness and excitement that she had just shed while covering her lips with her hands. After that, the two individuals informed their cherished sister that she would have a stunning outfit for the event as well as a flower bouquet, which caused Brittany’s joy to surge even further.

Chris, age 33, and Tatiana, age 30, exchanged wedding vows in April 2021. Chris’s gorgeous older sister, Brittany, age 35, served as the maid of honor at the ceremony. He marked the occasion with an emotional photo on Instagram with the two most incredible women by his side to commemorate the auspicious event.

Chris described Brittany as “a beautiful, powerful, loving, independent and dedicated woman” in an essay that he authored, and he credited Brittany’s constant dedication and delightful presence as the reason he was able to attract Tatiana. The contented man continued by saying that he aspired to be the best husband possible, with love serving as the foundation of his existence.

The couple had just gotten married when they disclosed that in order to make the day special for Brittany, they had even bought her a special ring as a surprise. Chris noted that it was an emotional time when he saw his sister erupt into joyous tears, which also represented that she is always loving and caring for him. Chris was the recipient of this love and affection.

The elated sibling admitted that he loved his sister very much and had a deep-seated desire to provide her with a life that was full of joy, good health, and safety. Chris had the following response when he was questioned about the significance of Brittany’s presence on his special day:

Since the very beginning, she has been my number one friend, and it won’t change even when I get married.

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Chris now has a life partner and a second best friend, in addition to his sister Brittany, who remains his first and most important confidante. It’s interesting to note that this wasn’t the first time he had made her feel like an integral part of his life; in fact, it wasn’t even the second. On her birthday in 2017, he surprised his older sister with something that really melted her heart.

Brittany revealed to her younger brother, Chris, that she aspired to follow in his footsteps and become a model when she was older. Chris believed that her birthday would be the ideal time to make this dream come true. Soon after that, the siblings participated in a stunning photoshoot that captured the essence of their relationship and brought joy to Brittany.

Following the success of their stunning photographs on the internet, Chris published a moving essay in which he reflected on the significance of Brittany in his life. The following can be seen in the caption:

“Brittany is one of the few things in this world that, in my view, exemplifies what it is to be flawless and unadulterated. It is a tremendous gift for her to be a part of my life. She is the foundation of my life, and I love her to the ends of the earth and beyond.”

The Garafolas is without a doubt an endearing example of a brother-and-sister team, and we have no doubt that they will continue to cherish and cling to one another no matter what challenges life throws at them. I would be grateful if you could show them some love and support by providing insightful input in the comment box.

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