According to Kate Hudson, she was the driving force behind casting Matthew McConaughey in the film “How to Lose a Guy”: “We Got a Certain Energy”…

Matthew McConaughey may thank Kate Hudson for his casting in the romantic comedy How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, which the two of them made together in 2003.

According to The Daily Mail, Kate Hudson, 43, revealed to the audience that she advocated for Matthew McConaughey, 53, to be cast in the role of her co-star in the film during a BAFTA Life in Pictures event held in London on Monday. Hudson told the audience that she hoped McConaughey would accept the role.

“We had an energy together, I wanted to play with him,” Hudson said at the event as she recalled that she and studio executives on the movie “kept hitting our heads against the wall” during the casting process. Hudson was referring to the fact that the two groups had a difficult time finding the right actors for the roles.

According to The Daily Mail, Kate Hudson, who is well-versed in the romantic comedy genre, remarked during the event, “For rom-coms you need that guy to have chemistry with.” Hudson’s comments were made in reference to the fact that she is “such a supporter for actors in our field.”

The actress said that she was granted “permission on everything” for the film that was being produced by Paramount Pictures, which led her to pick Matthew McConaughey as her first option to portray Ben Barry opposite her character, Andie Anderson, in the film.

When asked about her experience working with McConaughey, Hudson remarked, “We both have a competitive mentality, and we’re both incredibly athletic.” Hudson later co-starred with McConaughey in the film Fool’s Gold, which was released in 2008. “We like being competitive with one another, and I really admire Matthew’s level of dedication in whatever he does. He has a laser-like focus.”

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According to the publication, she continued about the actor by saying, “What you believe he is, is, is.”

Clips from the film How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days have been trending on TikTok in current days in reply to an announcement made by Netflix that the film will be removed from the platform on January 1, 2023. Hudson, who stars in the new Netflix movie Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, has recently received renewed attention for the film How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

On the most recent episode of TODAY, which aired on Wednesday, Jennifer Hudson discussed the movie by saying, “Yeah, a lot of that movie was me just going nuts, it was like getting in that character and then just going for it,” after mentioning that one of her sons had informed her that scenes from the movie had gone viral.

Hudson pointed out that the movie, which is about to celebrate its 20th anniversary in January, looks to have garnered a following among newer generations, and in especially among journalists who found inspiration in her character Andie Anderson, who is a magazine writer in New York City.

During her interview on TODAY, Hudson expressed her delight at the fact that the film is still popular among young women, saying, “I love that movie lives on with younger ladies.”

“On [Glass Onion] during the press, so many young people—now there’s a new generation of journalists—would remark, “Andie Anderson made me want to be a journalist.”

“There was a very feminist edge to that movie, and it really inspired young girls, and that makes me so pleased,” Hudson said. “The fact that the movie was so influential to young women makes me so happy.”

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