After 79 years of marriage, an Ohio couple at the age of 100 passed away within hours of each other…

A couple from Ohio who had been married for 79 years passed away while still holding each other’s hands.

Sam Malicote, who is 76 years old, confirmed to The Dayton Daily News that his parents, Hubert and June Malicote, both reached the age of 100 last week.

On November 30, Hubert passed away “by barely hours, marking the end of their 81-year love tale,” according to the obituary that was written for him. His wife had passed away the day before.

Sam informed The Dayton Daily News that approximately twenty hours later, on December 1, June passed away in the afternoon.

“I really ought not to feel this way, but I do. Who could ever hope to survive a life like that? “he explained to the publication.

He continued by saying, “They went out together.”

Sam revealed to the newspaper that shortly after his family had celebrated Thanksgiving together, his mother grew unwell and was admitted to a hospice.

Sam stated that Hubert “went apart” while he was visiting on November 25 and was subsequently hospitalized. The 76-year-old man claimed that his father passed away from a “broken heart” after he remained comatose for several days in the same room.

Hubert and June, who were both born in July 1922, are reported to have informed NBC affiliate WLWT in the past that they got married on June 8, 1943.

After thereafter, the couple separated for two years while Hubert was serving his country in Hawaii during World War II. But when he arrived back at the station, June was standing there ready to greet him, as he recalled later on.

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According to the obituaries for both of them, they went on to have a total of three children, seven grandchildren, and eleven great-grandchildren.

The couple recently reflected on their decades-long love and shared that they believed avoiding disagreements was one of the keys to maintaining their connection.

Hubert stated to WLWT that there has never been an argument between the two of them.

During a separate interview with Today, he made the following observation: “If there’s controversy, you might have to step away for a couple of minutes.” “At that point, you either leave the room, change the subject, or come up with a solution.”

In addition, according to their daughter Jo, who spoke with the publication, the couple “holds hands and says goodnight to each other” every single night.

She continued by saying, “And then in the morning, they are so pleased to see each other.” They do it while flashing enormous grins at one another.

In an interview with Today, Hubert expressed his incapacity to conceive of a life apart from his cherished wife.

Back in June, he expressed his thoughts on the matter to the publication by saying, “It’s kind of like if we aren’t together, the team is fractured.” “What a blessed and happy life we’ve had.”

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