After a whirlwind of a year, Helen Skelton writes an emotional essay to celebrate her child’s first birthday… Scroll down to read it…

Following what can only be described as a whirlwind of a year for Helen Skelton, the former host of Blue Peter shared an emotional message on social media to commemorate her daughter’s first birthday.

Helen and Richie Myler got a divorce barely four months after the birth of their daughter Elsie in December of last year.

The Countryfile singer, who is 39 years old, broke the news to her followers through an Instagram post, telling them that she was “extremely sorry” to have to deliver the information.

But a few months later, Helen put herself back into work and started her own weekend show on Radio 5 Live. She also joined the current season of Strictly Come Dancing at the very last minute and made it all the way to the final.

After a challenging year, Helen is commemorating the first birthday of her daughter today and posted on Instagram a friend’s heartfelt message to the infant in honor of the occasion.

Stevie Atkins, who is married to the rugby player Ryan Atkins, said on Instagram with a beautiful black and white photo of her daughter Elsie: “Elsie, we hope you have a wonderful first birthday!

“You are the cutest little child we have ever seen, and you immediately won both of our hearts the moment we saw you. We wish you a wonderful day filled with laughter and all the good things you so richly deserve.

Stevie then directed her attention to her “super mommy” friend Helen and expressed the desire that the mother of three was able to take some time for herself to unwind.

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“Super mother @helenskelton, wishing you a happy birthday as well on this special day. I love you more than any words could ever express. Please raise a toast to me and a glass of champagne today, mwah x, “It was her writing.

After eight years of marriage, Helen’s husband, a rugby league player, eventually divorced her, and she has spent the last year adapting to her new life as a single parent to their two children.

Helen said that she felt like a “new person” on the program after a challenging few months and that this was one of the reasons she poured herself into the BBC dancing series Strictly after her grief.

She shared her thoughts on the experience when opening up about her time on It Takes Two, saying, “When I walked into this, I underestimated it because I thought, ‘It’s dancing and great gowns and intriguing people.’”

“However, it’s strange, since it’s so much more than that. It forces you to question things about yourself that you normally wouldn’t.

“I am a lady who is 39 years old and has three children, and you do your work and your relationships and your home and your profession and everything else – and you don’t really just push yourself and find pleasure in yourself.

“Consequently, I was not prepared for the emotional roller coaster that this experience has been for me.”

Helen and her partner Gorka Marquez impressed the panel of judges with their flawless performances week after week, and as a result, many viewers believed that the duo was a shoo-in to win the Glitterball trophy.

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Gorka was also a tremendous source of encouragement and support for Helen, and she shared her excitement about Helen’s experience in the competition during one of the live shows as Helen watched.

After the show, Gorka turned to his partner and said, “I know you have been having a terrible time, and I know you’ve been made to feel like you’re not attractive or good enough.

“But even if you don’t believe in yourself, I believe in you, and so does everyone else in this room, and so does your family,” I told him.

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