After announcing her departure from “Dancing with the Stars,” Cheryl Burke was seen catching up with “Dance Dad” Tom Bergeron…

There’s trouble brewing between Cheryl Burke and Tom Bergeron again!

On Monday, the two former contestants from Dancing with the Stars got together for an eventful and enjoyable hangout session. During their time together, the couple captured three hilarious images.

Burke, who is 38 years old, posted on Twitter that “Dance Dad and his many personalities… #dancedad #reunitedanditfeelssogood.”

The photographs were published by Bergeron, who is 67 years old, along with the following caption: “In Other News: Former Dance Show Buddies Reunite ”

The duo got back together when Burke revealed that she would be leaving Dancing With the Stars after 26 seasons. In her post to PEOPLE, Burke acknowledged that she had been “sobbing nonstop” since hearing the news.

“It has been a really emotional experience. She went on to say, “There are many different feelings, and there is a great deal of excitement; nevertheless, there is also a great deal of fear.” “At the end of the day, this is basically maybe another divorce in a way that I’m going through in one year,” she said. “I’m going through all of this in one single year.”

A few days after head judge Len Goodman announced his retirement, Burke, who had been a professional dancer on the series, declared that she would be leaving the competition. Recent statements made by Burke indicate that he is considering returning to the bench in the capacity of judge.

“At this point, I believe everyone in the world is aware that it would be an absolute honor for me too. However, I have no control over the situation,” she stated on Entertainment Tonight.

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“What is up to me is my future, and I do know that it is time for me to evolve and discover what else there is,” she continued. “What else there is to see is what else there is.” Because, from what I’ve been told, there is life after “Dancing with the Stars.” I have no idea at this point. I’ll be sure to keep you posted.”

As the dancer continues to process her exit from Dancing With the Stars, she provided her fans with additional insight into her emotional journey on the most recent episode of her Burke in the Game podcast, which aired on Tuesday.

“If I’m being completely honest right now, I’m feeling a little bit lost, but I know it’s the correct option, even though it was the most difficult decision,” she remarked. I am also aware that going forward, I should not define myself by my profession.

Having said that, she did add, “This one actually caused me more pain than when I was going through the divorce process with my ex-husband.

Bergeron, meantime, along with his previous co-host on Dancing With the Stars, Erin Andrews, was fired from their longtime roles in the show in the year 2020. This decision was made as part of “a new creative direction” for the program, which also included making Tyra Banks the host of the show.

Later on, Alfonso Ribeiro was announced to be joining the show as a co-host for season 31.

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