After battling PTSD, cancer and stroke, Tina Turner shares a hreat-braking truth…

Living legend Tina Turner has delighted countless numbers of people for decades.
The singer, who will turn 83 soon, has struggled with a number of potentially fatal medical conditions throughout the years.
A brand-new movie on Turner’s life was released last year. Her husband claims that this is the final time we’ll see her.

Tina Turner is the only person who truly merits the title of “Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll.” The singer has had a highly successful career that has lasted over five decades and has seen her win numerous honors and honours.

With songs like Private Dancer, What’s Love Got To Do, Proud Mary, and countless others, Turner may look back on her career with pride even at the age of 81.

Despite having an incredible career, Tina Turner has experienced several tragedies, the first of which happened when she was a small child. She was raised without parental guidance, and between 2013 and 2018, she experienced multiple life-threatening health conditions in addition to having to witness the death of one of her sons.

A new documentary about the legendary singer was released by HBO in 2021, and according to Tina’s husband Erwin Bach, who also makes an appearance in the film, Tina is utilizing the chance to bid farewell to all of her fans around the world. It will be the first step toward her total oblivion from the public view.

The life of Tina Turner, a rock ‘n’ roll icon who will always hold a particular place in our hearts, is told in this article.

In Nutbush, Tennessee, on November 26, 1939, Anna Mae Bullock became Tina Turner. Since Floyd and Zelma Bullock worked as sharecroppers, they weren’t particularly wealthy. Turner, though, remembers having a wonderful early upbringing.

“The best explanation I can offer is that we were prosperous farmers. In a Rolling Stone interview, Tina Turner reflected, “It appeared to me that we lived well.

“My sister and I each had a separate room. We would buy new clothes every season, and I was always clean and well-groomed, especially in comparison to many other people around me.

We never went without food. We were aware that our family was different from, instance, the daughters of schoolteachers because they had access to education. My parents weren’t, per se, but they spoke clearly and had a lot of common sense. We weren’t a working-class group. My father was a deacon in the church, and my parents were actually devout Christians.

Tina Turner experienced a really difficult time as a young child, despite the fact that she thought her upbringing in the small hamlet of Nutbush was pleasant.

Turner’s father also left when she was 10 years old, three years after her mother had abandoned her. She said that her parents “didn’t love each other” and that they frequently quarreled.

Turner claims that she was never close to her father and didn’t give a damn when he left, looking back on the incidents that could have adversely affected her life.

She said, “My parents weren’t really my parents, and I wasn’t really theirs, so when they went, it was like they had always been gone as far as I was concerned.”

“Alline, my sister, might have experienced it differently from me, so you might receive different responses if you question her. Actually, isn’t it amazing that I’ve never asked her what she felt about them leaving?

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In spite of this, Turner added, “I selected them as parents because, obviously, those events made me what I am today. (Because she is a Buddhist, Tina Turner thinks that we have a choice as to which parents we are born to)

Turner relocated to St. Louis as a teenager and met up with her mother there. She started her music career in Missouri.

Tina was incredibly skilled, and as a young woman, she immersed herself in the St. Louis R&B scene. Because of the many arguments between her and her mother, Turner developed traits of a “rebel,” as she put it.

Tina took care of young children while working as a nurse’s assistant during her adolescence.

“In my heart of hearts, I knew those routes wouldn’t be mine,” she said, “but my mother hoped I would become either a nurse or a teacher.”

“As a kid, I did enjoy singing and dancing, and everyone used to compliment my voice. But until I was older, I never gave becoming a professional singer much thought.

She spent a lot of time at Club Manhattan while living in St. Louis, where in 1956 she would meet someone who would profoundly alter the course of her life.

Ike Turner, a legendary rock musician, frequently performed there with the band Kings of Rhythm. Tina began to socialize with the group.

When she began to sing one day after the drummer placed the microphone in front of her, Ike rushed over to approach her. Everyone heard Tina’s beautiful voice as the band reformed.

She began to perform with the band because she was the actual star. She quickly became the star that everyone wanted to watch perform.

Ike Turner was the only one who saw Tina’s potential as a star.
I sang on a demo that Ike recorded, she claimed. He was attempting to market himself as a producer, not my voice. Why don’t you record it with the girl’s voice, the record label suggested? I subsequently earned the title of professional performer. My child was around 2 years old when I was 20.

Ike, though, also wished to alter a sizable aspect of Tina. She was still Anna Mae at the time. but only briefly.

Tina Turner said of Ike: “His problem was that he was a musician who always wanted to be a celebrity, and he was a success locally but he was never a famous globally.”

In order to protect himself if I ran away, he changed my name to Tina and changed his to Ike. It had a patent. in order to possess me.

Soon after, they started having sexual relations. But Tina wasn’t particularly interested in it at the moment. She now believes it was destined to happen.

He began to touch me as soon as I started to feel something. He was my brother and my friend, therefore I really didn’t like it,” she said. We were quite close as friends, so perhaps I wouldn’t be here now if I hadn’t had a relationship with him.

Together with Ike, Tina achieved her major breakthrough with the song “A Fool In Love.”

The song enjoyed tremendous success. It quickly rose to the top of the pop charts across the US. It prompted Tina to embark on The Ike and Tina Turner Revue, her first significant tour. Soon after, more music was made available.

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Tina and Ike rose to prominence thanks to songs like It’s Gonna Work Out Fine and Poor Fool and their electrifying stage appearances.

At this time, Tina and Ike also advanced their romance by being married in Mexico in 1962.

The careers of Ike and Tina were soaring. But Tina decided to give something else a shot when the 1970s got underway. She experienced challenging times both personally and professionally, and she eventually felt inspired to start writing her own songs.

I decided to try songwriting because I wanted to do anything to assist us break out of our career rut, Turner said. “I started with the subject I knew best: my own life. In the song that would become the hit single Nutbush City Limits in 1973, I wrote about my hometown of Nutbush.

“I also started writing some spiritual songs soon after, when I started practicing Buddhism, but I never finished them. Thankfully, I had the opportunity to compose spiritual music once more.

Tina and Ike divorced in 1978. Though it would have a rocky start, it was time for her to move forward with her own career. Turner struggled financially, and in order to provide for her kids, she even used food stamps and housecleaning services.

She later admitted that her marriage had been abusive.

“I received nothing from the divorce. No money, no home. I responded, “I’ll just use my name.

Tina, though, would rise once again. She regained her status as a household name by putting out a number of albums and embarking on significant tours. Every night, she gave her audience a magnificent performance while still being as electrifying on stage as she was at the start of her career.

She reflected, “For me, being on stage was the best—there was a fantastic interchange of energy with every individual in the crowd.

“After that, it frequently seemed to be a swirl of color, light, happiness, and visions of all the happy faces that had come to meet me. Of course, we also conducted the customary sound checks and pre-show procedures.

Her songs What’s Love Got To Do With It and Simply The Best have reached the top of the charts, and she has sold out stadiums numerous times. She also has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and eight Grammy Awards to her name.

Turner has received three Grammy Hall of Fame Awards, a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, and induction into the Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame.

Tina Turner embarked on her “Tina! 50th Anniversary Tour” in 2008. Despite her announcement that it would be her last tour, it ended up being one of the most popular shows in 2008 and 2009. She eventually left the music industry.

Although Tina Turner formally stepped away from the spotlight, she has subsequently dealt with a number of serious health problems.

After having a stroke in 2013, she was later found to have colon cancer and kidney failure. After being told she had cancer, she had surgery to have a portion of her colon removed.

Although it was successful, she later discovered that she would also require a kidney transplant.

Although she initially refrained from disclosing her difficulties to the public, she did so in her 2018-released memoir, Tina Turner: My Love Story.

“I started to consider dying. I could understand it if my kidneys failed and it was time for me to pass on. It went well. When the time comes, the time comes. Although I didn’t like the idea of passing away, I was worried about how I would go, she said in her essay.

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She was fortunate enough to have her present husband, Erwin Bach, donate a kidney to her. They both underwent surgery in April 2017.

Turner remarked, “I know that my medical adventure is far from over.” But I’m still here, and we’re closer than we could have ever imagined. Looking back, I can see why my karma was what it was. The terrible resulted in good. Pain gave way to joy. And right now, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.

She sent another health update via video on the occasion of her 80th birthday.

She replied, “Yes, I succeeded. I feel fantastic. I feel great. It’s like getting a second shot at life because I’ve faced and am conquering some extremely terrible illnesses.

The renowned singer had the opportunity to definitively share her life story in the documentary Tina.

Turner emailed Today in 2021 and said: “The silver lining was that amid the struggles and heartbreaks, I learned inside me a strength that I could survive even the hardest situations.

I simply needed to discover a method to access and build upon that strength because, once I did, I was confident that I would have the fortitude to defend my own interests and live the life I deserved and desired.

The documentary had its world premiere on March 2, 2021, at the Berlin International Film Festival, and HBO released it in the US on March 27, 2021.

The documentary received high marks from many critics and got 1.1 million views on the first day it was made available in the US. However, several people voiced concerns about the film and claimed that it “failed to confront her absence as a mother.” Tina expresses her own viewpoint and admits in the film that she “didn’t spend a lot of time” with her four sons.

Regarding the split from her children, Tina says in one footage, “I suffered but Ike didn’t.” “I wanted more time, so I was in pain. I was aware that they required more.

However, her husband Erwin Bach claims that Tina wanted to use the movie as a chance to bid her followers farewell and finally “bow out” of the spotlight.

Tina told Today, “I’m really happy about the movie and hope it motivates audiences to never give up on their search for happiness.

As for her legacy and how people should remember her, she added, “I’ve built a good life by trusting in myself. And I’ve done my best to encourage others, to show them that there is more joy in life, more they can do, and more they can be when they believe in themselves as well.

Erwin says on-camera: “She said, ‘I’m going to America to say goodbye to my American fans and I’ll wrap it up.’” In the new movie, which is dedicated to Tina Turner’s son Craig Turner and to Rhonda Graam (a close friend), Tina and her husband are seen attending the Broadway premiere of her stage production The Tina Turner Story. “And I believe that this play and documentary serve as a conclusion.”

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