An elderly couple gets married in a place where they first met. Watch the amazing video to see the ceremony…

It was an experience unlike any other for one newlywed Arizona couple as they walked down the aisle.

On November 19, Brenda, 72, and Dennis Delgado, 78, exchanged vows in Fry’s Food and Drug in Casa Grande, Arizona.

They were particularly touched by their grocery store wedding because, in addition to meeting in the condiment aisle, Dennis also proposed to Brenda there nine months later.

In August 2021, the now-married pair ran across one another.

When a man approached Brenda with a pickup line fit for a pandemic, she was minding her own business choosing a jar of Miracle Whip.

You are aware of the greatest benefit of donning a mask?

Dennis replied, “You could walk by these [people] without masks and condemn them under your breath; they won’t hear a word you’re saying.

Brenda chuckled, and they talked for a full thirty minutes.

The two went to church together the following week, and both found recovery there.

Both were in mourning before they ran into one another.

Prostate cancer recently claimed the life of Brenda’s spouse of 30 years, and Dennis’ wife of 45 years passed away just over a year before he met Brenda.

Brenda was having a hard time figuring out her “purpose,” and Dennis claimed he was “mad” with God for taking his wife away.

Their shared pain of heartbreak brought them together. Their friendship grew over the following few months, and they were confident enough to proceed.

Brenda stated, “I told him he was going to pop the question on one knee. Indeed, he did.

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Dennis got down on one knee and asked Brenda to marry him in aisle eight, where they initially met nine months earlier.

The pair then planned their wedding a few months after being engaged.

Their nuptials were unique from all others.

Brenda walked down the condiment aisle, which was adorned with unique floral arrangements prepared by grocery store staff, as “The Wedding March” played over the intercom.

Although Brenda thinks their wedding is a little goofy, others might not.

She explained, “It was my idea to get married there. Okay, I’m kind of odd.

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