Ann-Margret lost the love of her life when she was 76, and though the death hit her hard, she has found ways to honor their memories together while living her life

Ann-Margret has many accomplishments to be proud of, but her marriage to her late husband is at the top of the list. She lost him when she was in her 70s, and now she is in her 80s, with a zest for life that rivals that of a teenager.

Ann-Margret is a skilled actress with several credits, yet those are not her finest achievements. Ann-Margret feels the position is saved for her late husband, Roger Smith, with whom she was married until his death.

The outstanding triple threat is still based in Los Angeles. She has nothing but positive things to say about her and Smith’s marriage.

“When I reflect back on my life, I am most proud of my marriage,” she once commented. The pair was content together, and Ann-Margret appreciated her time with Smith. Their marriage, she claims, was something they both wanted to work out, and it did.

The couple spent their nights together and were seldom far apart throughout the day, such as their affection for one another.

It thrived even in the absence of their own children. Ann-Margret attempted to become pregnant so that they might have children, but she was unsuccessful.

She tried for 13 years, even using a fertility pump and a device that injected her with a hormone intended to help with ovulation.

Nothing worked, and she ultimately accepted the role of stepmother to his three children. Despite her moniker as the “wicked stepmother of the west,” Ann-Margret was a good mother to her children.

The new CD will include both old and new content.

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Ann-Margret was born in 1941 in Sweden, where she lived with her parents in a 160-person village. She began exhibiting hints of fame at the age of six since she adored singing and dancing, but it was not until her family relocated to the United States after WWII that she was able to develop.

The gifted woman signed with RCA and made her acting debut in “Pocket Full of Miracles” in 1961 with Bette Davis.

She went on to build a reputation for herself in the performing world, and her ageless beauty and red hair are still in style several days later.

Ann-Margret lost Smith, her life’s love when she was 76, and while the loss was devastating, she has found ways to remember their memories together while enjoying her life. So, now that Smith is gone, how does she live? By doing what she enjoys.

She is now riding a motorcycle and dating again.

It’s never easy to lose a loved one, but Ann-Margret has found methods to fill the emptiness, even though Smith will always be irreplaceable to her.

Ann-Margret now likes riding motorcycles, which she previously claimed helped her get to her dates earlier. The actress has always been a fan of motorbikes, but she is now much more obsessed with them.

When questioned about the latest gadgets that had her captivated, she said, “Speed.” Being outside in the wind, rain, and whatever else is going on “It’s simply thrilling.”

Her most recent bike purchase is a lavender-colored Harley, which she allegedly rides on occasion. She purchased the Harley, which is emblazoned with little white daisies, in Brainerd, Minnesota. “If I ride somewhere, like a biker spot, my purple bike is the only one there,” she once commented. There’s my lavender with the flowers among the Harleys and Ducatis. Interesting. “They had a good time with it.”

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Ann-Margret has been seeing another man, who she has admitted is not a stranger. Ann-Margret has been tight-lipped about the facts, but she has revealed that he made her fall in love again, which she describes as a “wonderful sensation.” People her age tend to take life more slowly, but this lively woman is not like them.

She still attends many Hollywood parties and has acting projects that are about to be published. Ann-Margret may have gained fame by singing “bye-bye,” but her actions indicate that she is not yet ready to say goodbye.

She has no plans to stop performing. Despite her age, some may expect Ann-Margret to take a break from acting, but she has said unequivocally that she has no plans to do so. Not yet, at any rate. “When you reach a particular age, that doesn’t mean you suddenly quit,” she explained. You never stop. “You keep going.”

Ann-Margret revealed her participation in the romantic comedy “Queen Bees” in 2021. Her character was a busy bee dreaded by people outside their group of Queen bees in the film, which portrays life in a retirement home.

Jane Curtin, Ellen Burstyn, and Loretta Devine are the other Queen bees. The film was mostly about romance, but it also taught an essential lesson about the need to have friends regardless of age.

Ann-Margret has continued to demonstrate her musical abilities in addition to acting. She discussed her new music album, “Born To Be Wild,” earlier this year.

According to her, the new album will include both old and new content. She mentioned that one of her favorite songs was written by a close friend named Bobby Darin. It’s apparently named “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You,” and she declared it her favorite song on the record since she admired Darin’s production.

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When asked what more she had planned for her fans in the near future, Ann-Margret answered that all she had thus far done was rest. She stated that it would give her time to regain her energy before deciding what to do.

Ann-Margret stated that she never knows what it is until she thinks about it, so her admirers will have to wait to find out.