Anonymous Shopper Buys Iconic Pantera Guitar For Young Rocker Who Always Came in the Shop to Play it… See What Was His Reaction…

A kind Samaritan in Colorado made the decision to purchase a certain guitar for a young boy as a surprise present after observing the child’s obvious preference for the instrument while shopping in a music store.

Fallon frequently visited the J.B. Hart Music Co. location in Grand Junction, Colorado, with the desire to play “the Pantera guitar.”

This was a reference to a model that became famous because it was played by the guitarist for the heavy metal band Pantera.

In a Facebook post, the music business stated, “Fallon has a fantastic knowledge of music and a love for it. He also has Williams Syndrome.” “It was always his goal to get his hands on this instrument.”

Eight months ago, another client noticed Fallon while he was in the store playing it, and they approached him to ask about it.

This customer was so moved by it that he came back to the shop at a later time and asked us to deliver the guitar to Fallon in secret the next time we saw him.

He spent $800 on a Dean “Dimebag” Darrell ML Guitar and they waited for the child to return, but Fallon didn’t walk back into the store for eight months after making the purchase.

His family had relocated to Texas, but while they were visiting Colorado, they stopped by the shop, and when they saw the surprise that was waiting for them there, they were taken aback.

“His mother broke down into tears, and Fallon grinned with joy as he watched her. They described it as a momentous occasion in their writing. “There are still some good individuals in this world,” you can say with confidence.

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The fact that it was the guitar made famous by the dearly departed “Dimebag” Darrel, whose music Fallon was so appreciated, grabbed the attention of the remaining members of Pantera themselves during that momentous occasion.

In addition to this, the music outlet claims that band manager Kim Davis has been in touch with the family to let them know that Pantera’s Philip Anselmo and Rex Brown will be sending him a rocking care package.

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