Barbra Streisand Amazed Grandkid on 4th Birthday — She ‘Never’ Takes off ‘Grandma’ Bracelet after Her Birth

On November 5, 2022, Barbra Streisand shared an adorable Instagram image of her granddaughter, Westlyn Brolin. In the photo, the little wore a bedazzled pink tiara that read “Birthday Girl,” and she had a look of surprise on her face.

She had her hands lifted, touching her hair while she wore a pink top. In the post’s caption, her grandmother, Streisand, explained what was happening in the picture and on that day.

The singer explained that the look on her granddaughter’s face was what she made when she saw her “pretty cake” on her fourth birthday! She concluded the post by sharing how much they loved the little girl.

Judging from the loving post, it was clear that Streisand adored Westlyn. The little girl was one of Barbra’s grandchildren from her stepson, Josh Brolin, who also had other children that the star doted on.

Barbra’s Warm Bond with One Stepson Who Made Her a Grandma of Four

Barbra might be famous for her music and acting, but her dearest role was being a mother and a wife. For over two decades, the star has been married to James Brolin, and she’s a mother to Jason Gould and her stepchildren, Josh, Jess, and Mary Elizabeth Brolin.

James, Josh, and Trevor Brolin with Barbra Streisand and her son Jason Gould at Streisand’s concert on October 9, 2006 | Source: Getty Images

The love the actress had for her family couldn’t be ignored as she took her stepchildren as her own and what was even more heartwarming was the close bond she had with Josh. Barbra married his father in 1998, having found lasting love at 56.

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The couple tied the knot at the singer’s Malibu home, and their family blended. Josh, who had four children in November 2022, enjoyed spending time with his father and stepmother and even lived so close to them that he could be a neighbor!

The “Avengers” actor and his wife, Kathryn, would often visit James and his wife, taking time off from their busy work schedules. Barbra had a bond with Josh; she never had any issues making time for him so they could make special memories.

In 2010, the Grammy Award-winning singer, her husband, and Josh went to the “Jonah Hex” screening and took the most adorable photos together. Eight years later, in 2018, James’ wife was present at the premiere of Josh’s movie “Sicario: Day of the Soldado.”

James Brolin, Barbra Streisand, and Josh Brolin at the “Jonah Hex” Los Angeles premiere on June 17, 2010, in Hollywood, California | Source: Getty Images

At one point, Westlyn’s mother gifted the actress a present that had her feeling emotional. The gift marked a new path in Barbra’s life that saw her becoming more than just a wife and mother.

Why Did Barbra Cry When Stepson’s Wife Got Her Bracelet with “Grandma” on It?

In a past SiriusXM radio appearance, Josh revealed how his wife once got Barbra a bracelet written “Grandma.” The songstress started crying because she was so moved by the gift that came after Westlyn was born.

The actor explained how his stepmother had an “annoying” but “great” habit; she sent him emails daily to share baby names she’d thought of! The funny behavior happened when Kathryn was pregnant with Westlyn.

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During a past interview, Barbra [Streisand] confessed this about the bracelet she got from Kathryn [Brolin]…

Barbra was so excited about becoming a grandmother that she even asked when she could visit to feel the baby in its mother’s tummy! The star also tracked the baby’s growth on an application!

Josh said his stepmother was so into the pregnancy then, and he loved it! He described her as a typical Jewish grandmother, and in 2022, Barbra played the role to Josh’s children, Trevor, Eden, Westlyn, and Chapel, whom she treasured.

“The Goonies” actor had Trevor and Eden with his first ex-wife, Alice Adair, and the younger two with Kathryn. Since the two children were adults, Barbra enjoyed the younger ones, spoiled them with online gifts, and loved them to bits!

The musician was thrilled when Chapel joined the family on December 25, 2020! She was described as “just mush” when she was around the young girls, with James explaining how his wife behaved around the girls who were not “her blood grandchildren”:

“She just turns to melted putty the minute … they talk on the phone. They send videos every other day of what the kid is doing. So we’re all very close.”

Josh’s father said they were beyond excited when they heard a second child was coming! During a past interview, Barbra confessed this about the bracelet she got from Kathryn:

“I never take it off.”

The “Mirror Has Two Faces” actress believed that family was everything, more important than any business, and came first. Besides bonding with Westlyn, Barbra loved all her grandchildren the same.

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She once revealed that she made time to hang out with all four children and babysit the younger ones. James’s wife even recalled a time she canceled her appointments so she could spend quality time with her older granddaughter.