Beatles-inspired music by this talented family is gaining tons of views on YouTube…

Their singing is really divine and ideal for this song.

Just like our passion for family, music unites us all.

And for the Petersens, these two characteristics distinguish their family band. Members of the Petersen family and one “honorary” member, a close friend, make up the band The Petersens.

The Petersens have stated on their website that the American roots music that “lifts you up and brings us all closer together” is the inspiration for their music.

The four kids of the musical family are Katie, Ellen, Matt, and Julianne. Of course, their father, John, and mother, Karen, are also musicians in the group.

Everyone in the family has musical talent, among other things.
The oldest of the siblings and the band’s frontwoman is Katie. She is the band’s musical director and a writer. She plays the violin as well.

Ellen, on the other hand, is the director of marketing and the second oldest. She graduated from Missouri State University and received her MBA. By the way, she plays the banjo.

Additionally, Matt plays guitar in the group. He is the band manager and the third child in the Petersen family. He is also referred to as “Branson’s Most Eligible Bachelor” on their family website.

Their music undoubtedly inspires all of Karen and John’s children.
In addition to playing the mandolin, Julianne is an adept in vlogs and eye-rolling. Her charms include her adorable dimple.

Their close family friend Emmett Franz, who is likened to Matt’s adopted brother, plays the dobro and composes music as well. We can clearly see that he belongs among them, despite not being a blood relative.

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John Petersen is a pianist, physician, and pilot. Karen, his wife, plays bass and serves as the group’s chaplain.

Wow, what a force!
This band is distinctive from all others. Due to the fact that they are all sharing a common interest, their group is even more distinctive as a result of their family connection. They anticipate it since it is a special time for them to bond.

The Petersens post videos of their live performances online, and in a recent clip, they stunned their listeners with a stunning rendition of a Beatles classic: “Here Comes The Sun.”

The performance will be led by Julianne, the fourth kid, as has been requested online. Therefore, the youthful and gifted “Eye Roller” of the family is in the middle of the song to lead it in this recently uploaded footage.

What is even more incredible? They are excellent singers as well as excellent musicians. This family is undoubtedly a unique band. They are definitely born with a musical gene!

The Beatles would be pleased with how well they performed the timeless song.
This family kept the song alive and fantastic with their very own interpretation that matches with their distinctive touch.

Are you anticipating seeing their outstanding performance? Be amazed by the video below:

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